Tuesday, December 15, 2015


As this post is aired this morning, I'll be on the golf course with the two dogs, Skabenga and Eddy. My big pup is leashed up here on the patio, Eddy hurtles towards the gate, which causes my 40kg Labrador pup to almost pull me off my feet. I open the gate electronically and then we're off down the street. Me [gently] controlling Skabenga with a new choker chain and Eddy running along ahead.

Around the corner and down the gravel road for about two hundred meters. Then we get to the gate leading onto the golf course at the 17th hole! I unleash Skabenga, Eddy is already on her starting blocks and as I let him loose, he races off after Eddy.

Eddy discovered a puddle around this sapling as the jet sprinklers water the new growth

Skabenga enjoying the water with Eddy

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Happy Tuesday to you all! 


  1. Hello Jo, Skabenga sounds like a pretty strong dog. It is good to have a good choker chain. Cute doggies. Happy Tuesaday, enjoy your week ahead!

  2. one of my favorite things to do is watch dogs chase and play with each other. Jake misses having another dog to chase and run with. thanks for thinking of me when you walk the dogs.. you know me so well

  3. I'll bet they had a wonderful time.


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