Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Never say die!

While walking the dogs on the golf course one morning last week, Grant pointed to a pair of birds quite a long way away. He thought they might be the resident Egyptian Geese we've often seen there. I zoomed in and as I focused (not too clearly, albeit) on the birds, I said they were Glossy Ibis. I took several photos, we turned around, called the dogs and came home.


Or not!

 When I downloaded the photos, I noticed that the one ibis had something in its bill, the meal's legs dangling out either side. 

The bird on the left had something in its bill
A hapless frog dangles from the ibis' bill

As a keen birder and one who likes to photograph every single birding activity I come across, I cannot believe that I was so blase! If I had looked a little closer on my camera screen, I probably would have noticed that the ibis had caught a meal!

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Happy Tuesday to you all! 


  1. Great catch, Jo! I love seeing the surprises that come out of the camera when you see the photos on the bigger computer screen. Have a great rest of your week!

  2. What great captures!

  3. Hello Jo, awesome captures of the Ibis. I like being surprised sometimes. Neat capture of the Ibis and frog.
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy the week ahead!

  4. great shot. we have seen them get frogs and lizards like that in our front yard. sometimes there are a dozen or more running around in the yard pecking away.

  5. Not always easy to see the tiny things in the camera screen. Nice shots.


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