Friday, December 4, 2015

Drone against blue sky

I photographed a drone above the start of the 2015 Toy Run in Bloemfontein last week.  Although I haven't gone into the facts extensively, I believe they're not actually legal used over cities and crowds. However, chatting to friend, Ettiene who joined us on Sunday, apparently the platform used for photography is incredibly stable. This strange UFO has also been attacked by seagulls when the operator flew it in these birds' "airspace"!

I just love the clear blue sky against which this "craft" is taken! 

I'm linking to Skywatch Friday here


  1. I hear a lot about these drones. I often wondered how people got and posted travel videos on youtube (individuals rather than tour companies) and seemed to be "flying" above the terrain capturing beautiful scenery. Now I know. I can only imagine the poor birds are very confused and agitated by them as are humans when they can't help but be filmed by them. they are being used in North America or tested (if not already used) for package deliveries from Amazon.

  2. They are here to rule! Great pics.

  3. Hi Jo Yes a lot of people are getting these now and are NOT abiding by the rule of the CAA or ever know the rules and are putting other innocent people at risk. these are the limitations.

    In order to make sure UAVs and manned aircraft are working in separate airspace, there are a number of limitations placed on UAV use. The rules below are subject to change by the CAA so it is worth noting that its best to check on there official website for upto date rules and regulations.

    These are the main ones to keep in mind:
    • The maximum altitude is 400 feet (120 metres)
    • The maximum distance from the operator is 500 metres
    • The minimum visibility needs to be 5 km
    • UAV must be flown in line of sight of the operator
    • UAVs cannot be flown at night without special permission
    • Permission must be obtained from the owner of the take-off point
    • UAVs cannot be flown within 50 metres of structures, vehicles or people that are not under the control of the person in charge of the aircraft. The rules are different for different weight classes unless a exemption is obtained.

  4. Hello Jo, I have never seen one in flight myself. They are cool, it would be fun to see the gulls chasing the drone. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. i wish my old art teacher from 50 years ago could see this blue sky. he told me the sky is never just blue.. wrong again. drones are really popular over here and with all the Christmas gifts i am feeling a little scared we might get run over.

  6. Fascinating indeed!!! And I do love your blue, blue skies!! I hope you and your family have a lovely weekend, Jo!!

  7. Have mixed feelings about the drones. They are illegal to use in many National Parks. Hope that's true with SANParks.


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