Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pre-Christmas Saturday Critters

Traveling east to the border town of Ladybrand last week, we noticed sunflowers along the side of the road
A refreshing sight in the dry conditions prevalent in the Free State at the moment
On the opposite side of the road, a couple of horses in a field enjoy the green grass shoots
Obviously there is still enough grazing for them; they still look sleek and healthy
Ladybrand nestles in a valley between several small hills.
Do please check the link for more information on this pretty little town
A neat row of farm workers houses along the road
A railway bridge running along the regional R26 

Returning home from Bloemfontein earlier this week, Grant slowed down a few kilometers before our home town. He muttered irately that only in the Free State would you have THREE extra large farming machines on a narrow road. 
The machine but one in front of us - note how much of the road it takes up! 
Another machine behind us (we'd overtaken it)
The extreme front machine after we'd overtaken the second one

Growing up in a farming community when I was young, I can remember that should a farmer (his driver!)  need to take his onto the public road, he'd get permission from the local traffic department. Here a traffic officer would meet the driver as the machine left the farm roads, and escort it to the desired destination. It would display red flags and the move would normally take place very early in the morning before the roads became busy. Today this service is non-existent and the farmers send their drivers to take the machines from one farm to the next without any escort.

 Much to the chagrin of people like my husband! 

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Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Hi dear Jo, what lovely pictures of the countryside today. I love the horses and the beautiful sunflowers. One of my sponsored boys in Kenya (he lives about 30 minutes to the northeast of Nakuru) wrote me and said his family has 2 acres full of sunflowers and he wishes I could see how beautiful they look. He doesn't know yet, that sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers. They are so sunny and happy looking. The town of Ladybrand sounds interesting. I like the name and I will check it out. I too grew up in farming country and remember these large combines all about. I don't recall much of it though as it was just a normal thing to see them everywhere in the fields and sometimes on the road. I don't think I'd like to be behind 3 of them on the highway though!

  2. Hello Jo, I love the sunflowers. They are my favorite summer flower. Beautiful horses and photos. I have seen similar farm equipment riding the roads in my neighborhood, they are not escorted. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. hi there, I have always loved sunflowers next to the side of the road! incredible how they always seem to flourish! it does look very dry... the lack of rainfall this season is really worrying!

  4. Sometimes farm equipment takes up all of the road here too. ;) It sure can be frustrating but the farmers do need to get from "here" to "there." ;)) I'm going to check out Ladybrand. (What an interesting name!)

  5. bob would have a total stroke if he got caught in these three machines... i would have to listen to really loud words... on and on and on... i like the name of the town, sounds like something in a romance novel.. or maybe an Old King Arthur story.

  6. Oh my! This would be the perfect scenario for road rage here in south Florida! Beautiful surroundings so nicely depicted.

  7. I remember seeing fields of sunflowers in the Free State. I do hope you get some much needed rain.

    Merry Christmas to you!!

  8. yup, we get a lot of farm equipment on the roadways - especially during haying season in texas. :)

  9. What lovely scenery. It's a familiar sight to see tractors on the road. I'm loving the sunflowers a lot and the horses are a great surprise.


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