Sunday, December 6, 2015

Indoor garden for Hedges kitties

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I have news about a COOL new thing Mum has for us. She has grown seeds outside in a container and when they were nice green shoots, she brought them inside the bedroom! Now we kitties can nibble on the grass when we feel icky! Or even just nibble on it for fun! We still get outdoors every day so this is a real treat for the evenings when we're inside and Tipsy has his runabout in the garden. 

Unca Shadow nibbles at the newly grown grass which Mum brought in for us
Unca Shadow loves the mouse scratching post which our yoomen dad made for us

Dad Ginger and I share the cushioned bench in the large lounge
Later, I cuddled with Unca Shadow on Mum's bed
Aunty Chappy sitting in the office window
Mum took this photo of Aunty Chappie from the outside

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  1. Ah, happy kitties they are indeed!! Such fun captures, Jo, as always! And after the gray, rainy, wet days we're having it was fun to have the kitties to bring me some smiles!! Hope your weekend is going well!! Enjoy!!

  2. I like the photo that your Mum took from outside but that was very sweet of her to bring you some green into the bedroom for evening nibbles

  3. Your mum choose the perfect location for the lovely cat photo. Well seen and well done:)

  4. Aah the idea of getting the grass home is so cool!!
    Love the last pic!!



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