Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Greater Flamingoes in Marquard area

Returning from the pharmacy which is situated 3km from town, we have to pass the town sewage works. I was taking photos of the new and neat fence surrounding it, when Rina pointed out that there were different birds on the dam of reticulated water. 

Grant stopped the car, I got out and focused. I'm rather miffed that the images don't seem to be at all clear. I'm not sure if there was too much glare on the water. I took the photos at about 3.19pm in the blazing hot afternoon sunshine, and struggled to see well on the screen...

The Greater Flamingo is larger and whiter than the Lesser Flamingo with a pale-pinkish, black-tipped bill. In flight it shows conspicuous red and black wings.  Although it's a locally common resident, it's near threatened. 

It's highly nomadic and partially migratory, usually in large flocks. It favors saline or brackish shallow water bodies (such as above). Its food is aquatic invertebrates such as brine shrimps and brine fly (larva) also algae.   

It's call is a goose-like double honk - honk given in flight. The Greater Flamingo is monogamous and colonial. Its nest is a cone of mud. 

I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday here, hosted by Stewart Monckton. If you're a keen birder and would like to share your sightings and photos, please do join this meme.

Happy Wednesday to you all! 


  1. Hi Jo, I always find it hard to shoot on a sunny, bright day because I cannot see my screen at all (same with using a smart phone for anything). I'm usually shooting blind! I love flamingos so it's nice to see them in your part of the world. Much love. xx

  2. Now, those are LONG necks!! Amazing and what great captures!! Thanks for sharing, Jo!! Hope your week is going well!!!

  3. Hello Jo, awesome post on the flamingo. I did not know they are threatened, it would be sad to see any bird become extinct. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Flamingoes are gorgeous birds! FYI: It probably is the glare off the water. I'm never happy when glare does that to my photos! But really, these photos have a nice mysterious quality. :)

  5. they are beautiful. we once visited Jungle Gardens and it was nesting season, we saw the mud nest with babies in them and the flamingos were agitated at us for looking. it was exciting.


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