Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An apology...

I know I said that yesterday's installment would be continued today. I don't know what I was thinking. I have run helter skelter since the beginning of the week and not had a moment at the computer. I will continue this post as soon as I am settled in my husband's apartment in Khartoum. I've not visited any other blogs but relish the idea of spending Saturday (which is the first day of the week for my husband as Friday is Sunday in the Sudan) catching up on everyone's posts.
I do apologies to all who have commented on my posts this past week. I have not been able to reply yet because of time constraints. Phew! From living this serene life for the past five months, with only myself to look out for, to dashing about making meals, explaining the cat-and dog- feeding program to my darling d.i.l., Debbie who with son, John will be taking care of our home in my absence.
(PS I've not even started to pack yet!)


  1. Don't worry about us and get packing. Have a great time.

  2. Jo, I know only too well how hectic those final days are before a trip into 'wildest' Africa. Don't worry, we'll all still be here once you're settled into your new 'home', there's no hurry and we have plenty of your old blog posts to read back upon while we wait :) Have a safe and uneventful (you know what I mean !) trip to the Sudan, and let us know once you're there safe and sound.
    xx (P.S. Don't forget to pack the Slim Slabs !)

  3. Been there! As has most other bloggers. Take all the time you need Jo, we'll still be here when you're settled in your husband's appartment in Sudan. Looking forward to following your adventure!!

  4. No worries, Jo. I figured you were busy with trip preparations. It is definitely very nice to have a nice long Saturday with nothing scheduled to catch up on blogs and comments!

  5. Don't worry about us... I haven't been around much this week either. We'll be here --when you get back. Start packing --and have a wonderful trip.


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