Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day in Khartoum

This is the first time I've worn a skirt in more than fifteen years. Women are not allowed to wear shorts (boo-hoo) in the streets so here I am, wearing a skirt
On my first day in Khartoum, my husband took me to town to buy groceries. The supermarket which he frequents was a lovely surprise. They stocked every possible item we needed albeit quite expensive. My favourite section of this shop after the fresh fruit and vegetable racks, is a refrigerated display case with all manner or delectable salads and exotic sauces. Exotic to me, but quite ordinary to the Sudenes and Egyptian people in this city. There is pickled brinjal (aubergine/eggplant) vinigarette gherkins, onions, beetroot, huge chunks of feta cheese and a myriad of pureed dishes of which I've begun to sample some. As the attendant behind the counter began to dish me a carton of "mish" (which looked interesting but I was not sure of the contents) I asked him if it had NO meat or fish. He assured me it was cheese, chillie and lemon juice, no meat. He asked if I was a vegetarian to which I replied I was. He dipped a plastic spoon into a creamy looking chunk of cheese and passed it to me, saying: no salt and no fat! It tasted divine so I ordered a few blocks. He told me the Egyptian name for it which I've forgotten, but said, "In English: cottage cheese" I was thrilled! My first day in North Africa and I've found a low-salt, fat free cottage cheese. Whoo-hoo.

The Gouda, tomato and cucumber baguette reminded me of being back in West Africa

After our shopping excursion, Grant took me to OZone, an outdoor restautant patronized by Expats and local folk alike. It is set in an island in the middle of the city but you would not guess it. You relax under beautiful shady trees between which pipes are strung. These emit a fine spray of water to keep you cool while you enjoy a variety of light snacks and delectable desserts and cakes.

The restuarant is set out under huge shady trees. A soft mist cools you as you enjoy the delicious snacks on offer

OZone, a popular gathering place for expats and locals alike. Ramadan had just started this day so the restaurant was very quiet.

The Blueberry Waffle and Ice-cream is to die for...


  1. What a wonderful first day. Your skirt is very pretty. I so enjoy your postings.
    Sunny :)

  2. Jo you look beautiful in a skirt. And so cool and comfy. That waffle with ice cream made me hungry.

  3. Hi Jo you looks good in skirt. Love the waffle. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Juis nou die dag gehoor ons moet meer rokke/rompe dra - ons mans sal hou van die vroulikheid daarvan - jy lyk goed! Pragtige eetplek - hou van jou foto's. Mooi dag!

  5. You look lovely in that skirt, Jo ! Oh, I am so envious of you & that lovely supermarket with such fresh, lovely produce - the restaurant looks wonderful, too :) The waffle is *huge*. Can't wait to read more about the produce which you find in Khartoum ....

  6. Hi Sunny, thanks for always visiting and commenting.

    Gaelyn the skirt is surprisingly comfy only have to remember I have one on when I descend from the height of hubby's landcruiser. Almost tripped over it yesterday. The eats at the restaurant are light and very tasty.

    Hi Regina, thanks for visiting me always. Bless you.

    Hi Ida, dis aardig jy noem dit: Grant was oorstelp toe hy my in die romp sien, Kon nie genoeg vir my se hoe vroulik is dit. My manlief is nogal skaam as ek fotos neem in publieke plekke en hier in die stad moet jy nogal versigtig wees. Die Nyl is SO pragtig maar ons ry oor die brug en ek mag nie fotos neem nie - polisie ooral!

    Hi Lynda, the supermarket is lovely. We went to a large Turkish supermarket further out and I said to my husband that I preferred the smaller personal one he frequents. I am discovering products every time I go there. See my post about the yoghurt tomorrow. Oh, we shared the waffle...

  7. You are lovely in your skirt and blouse.
    We in California also have those things that emit a fine spray to cool people off. We call them "misters" because of the fine mist they spray out. They are remarkably cooling.
    The waffle looks scrumptious!

  8. Thanks Pat, we also call them misters in South Africa. Now get this: we have them on verandas of open-air coffee shops emitting HOT water during winter. Imagine this is where I come from in the Free State, to this heat in Khartoum. (((Hugs))) Jo xxx

  9. You are a beautiful lady, Jo. I was probably your size when I was born!!! ha ha.... That waffle looks yummy.. IF I ate that, I would gain a pound I'm sure... Oh Well!!! I am who I am!

    Glad you found a wonderful grocery store. I eat 2% cottage cheese almost every day.

    Have fun with your Sweetie.

  10. Aw, Betsy, you are such a beautiful person. Thanks for the kind comments. Oh, I only had the wafffle as a treat and my husband and I shared it, so not too many of those for me either.

  11. The skirt looks great. And the waffle looks so good I can taste it.


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