Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life on the Niger River

Last week I posted a scene of the moon rising over the Niger river in Mali, West Africa. You can read all about it here. Today I have another scene of the Niger river; one of fishermen on this vast river.
I took these photos from the hotel veranda in mid-October 2004. We were on our way home on leave. It's fascinating how the warmth of the sunrise in the first photo is totally different from the cold light over the fishermen in the middle of the river in the second.

Thanks to the team from Scenic Sunday for this wonderful meme. For more scenes around the world, click here.


  1. Beautiful photos of the river, Jo... AND your bee story was scary. Glad you found where they were coming in. Yipes!!!!

    We're home from a great vacation.. I'll post in the morning.

  2. What I find interesting is how calm the river is and how vast.
    Sunny :)

  3. Almost looks like these photos were taken in entirely different places. Both excellent captures. The fishermen's boat is an unusual arced shape to me.

  4. Fantastic shots - It has to be otherworldly in Africa, but someplace that's on my list of places to visit!

    Happy Scenic Sunday!

  5. Both are beautiful scenes! So scenic and peaceful!

  6. I love the soft mellow glow of the sunset and the calm water with contemplative mood on the second picture.

  7. What beautiful photos of a beautiful place! I'm always attracted to lone fishermen, they always seem so at peace.

  8. Beautiful sunset photo with the glow across the water...and I also like your shot of the rowers in simplicity...

  9. Even though both pics have different light they are both soft and tranquil. Lovely shots.
    have you solved the passport problem?

  10. Hi Betsy;) thanks for popping in. Glad you had a good vacation. I loved your post about your birthday. (((Hugs)))

    Hi Sunny, yes, it's a very wide river which meanders through a vast inland delta where people can fish for their livelyhood. T

    Hi Gaelyn, yes even I wondered about this and checked on the properties. The photos are 1 second apart. I panned the camera from the first photo to the second in that time. The fishermen's boat is called a pirogue. Thanks for visiting.

    Thanks Tricia;) welcome to my blog. I love Africa and am on my way to North Africa within the next two weeks.

    Hi Bonnie Bonsai:) good to see you again. Yes, both photos have a special atmosphere, don't they?

    Thanks Gemma, it is a peaceful scene.

    Welcome to my blog, ProdigalWife;) Yes, lone fisherman look so "all there" and no worries.

    Hi Carol;) good to have you visit my blog. Welcome! I'm off to visit yours shortly

    Hi diane;) yes, the photos are taken just seconds (one second, in fact!) apart and so different. Yes, I have a temporary passport which will get me in and out of the Sudan. My permanent passport should be ready when I come back to South Africa in October. Thanks for visiting.

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