Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tigger, the Ageing Acrobat

Tigger, at thirteen in human years, (96 cat-years) only drinks from the handbasin in my bathroom. A very agile old gentleman, is Tigger. Oh, I miss him and my other animals but know that Debbie is taking good care of them all.

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  1. That Tigger is a cutie... He doesn't look nor act old!!!!!

    Your handbasin is 'our' SINK.... ha ha

    Debbie will take good care of your babies.

  2. What a sweetheart! I am sure Tigger misses you too! It's amazing just how close you may feel with animals!

  3. He looks very agile!

  4. Tigger is beautifully marked. Cats retain their grace and agility well into old age - would that we could emulate them ;-)

  5. Tigger knows the ropes I see. Sandy

  6. Oops tigger
    You are really a acrobat,
    be careful,
    it looks so dangerious ;)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Kewl capture of Tigger in action! Pretty spry for 96! Ms Kitty is featured at Small Reflections this week.
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. I love Tigger! I know he misses you. What a cutie and he reminds me of the orange cat I had years ago!

    Have a great day!


  9. That's quite a leap for an older gent! Still got it and never lost it...woo-hoo!

  10. wow tigger! you sure have kept yourself fighting fit!

    Pet Pride

  11. Hi Betsy;) Tigger is the sprightliest old cat I have. He is playful and of course, climbs onot the handbasin. (BTW our sink is what we have in the kitchen!) Only thing is Tigger has not been outdoors for about three years. He has become afraid of being outside, don't ask me why. I believe John and Debbie are caring well for all my kitties and dogs. Hugs

    Hi Gemma, yes, Tigger is a darling and quite spoilt. He loves my dil and she says he's quite happy with her feeding him now that I'm gone. Thanks for visiting

    Hi ladyfi:) good to see you again. thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Jabblog: lovely seeing you again. thanks for visiting.

    Hi Sandy, welcome to my blog. Tigger is one agile old lad. thanks for visiting.

    Hallo Anya/Kareltje:) thanks for your visit. I'm off to see your blog again. Meow from Tigger for Kareltje!

    Hi Storyteller, thanks for visiting. I'll check out your blog now.

    Hi Sylvia, yes, Tigger is a very special cat. He used to be very proud and aloof; now in old age, he's just become wary of people. I'm blessed to have my son and dil to care for him and all the animals at home. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi DeborahGodin;) welcome to my blog. Yes, Tigger still has it in him and is rather spoil. I love him dearly.

    Thanks Magiceye and Bozo;) thanks for making it possible to post on your meme every week. My mum sure loves it. "Big tail waving "Tigger


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