Sunday, August 30, 2009

Barges on the Nile

Some of the barges on the Nile River, Khartoum

The Nile, at 6,671kms/10,587 miles, is the longest river in the world. Its headwaters, the White Nile and the Blue Nile join in Khartoum, Sudan to form the Nile that flows to Egypt. Ten countries share the Nile but about 60% of its length lies in Sudan, while 70% of Sudan is situated within the Nile River catchments.

River Transport Corporation (RTC) is the biggest barge operator in the Sudan. It is a public enterprise which operates on the river Nile while private operators undertake tributory coverage. Operators offer a range of facilities and services that include pusher tugs, general cargo, flat deck, oil fleet and self-propelled barges. This provides a cost effective logistics delivery option to Sudan's central and southern locations.

RTC is the only passenger barge operator with two passenger boats with a capacity of 244 beds. Visit the Barges of Sudan website here for more information on these vessels.

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  1. Kind of looks like the barges on the Mississippi River. Are you going for a cruise on the Nile?

  2. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and all your kind comments.
    Your blog is so interesting, I really enjoy it.
    Sunny :)

  3. Fantastic post as always Jo, you never disappoint.

    Have a great day
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  4. Nice shot of the Nile...and interesting info also...

  5. Ah---We've all definitely heard of the Nile.. Didn't realize it was SO big though (or maybe I had just forgotten that)..

    Did you take a ride on the Nile??

  6. Is it a big adjustment from South Africa to North Africa?

  7. Nile, yes very interesting.Thank's for your visit in my blog.

  8. Those barges look almost like floating buildings! So interesting, too.

  9. When I was a kid, my dad traveled a P & O liner, and he stopped in at the Suez Canal. He bought a special bag for my sister. Thanks for memories.

  10. what have the birds done so bad that they have to be imprisoned in a cage especially in a hot country. I watch and photo the wildlife here in Egypt some come to my shelter on the roof just to get shade.


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