Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tea in Tanzania! I wish...

I took this photo as we flew over friend and fellow-blogger, Lynda's farm

Flying from Johannesburg in South Africa to the Sudan in North Africa, the airlines seem to "hug" the eastern part of the continent. We flew over airspace of South Africa's neighbour, Zimbabwe, then Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya to the first stop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Around 18h30 local time we flew over the Kilimanjaro region and friend and fellow blogger, Lynda's home. I took the above photo at that time. When I mailed her after my arrival in Khartoum, she said, "You should have dropped in for a cuppa" I wish...

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  1. I love hearing your Brits say: "Come over for a 'cuppa'...." I have a British blogging friend here in TN (imagine that culture shock)---and she explains alot of British words and sayings. I love hearing them. I've met so many wonderful people while blogging. This is just incredible. Just for an old southern Tennessee gal like me knowing a woman in Africa is totally awesome...

    Enjoy your hubby and your stay in the 'north'...

  2. What an exciting journey you are on! Be safe.
    Sunny :)

  3. How nice it would have been to drop in for tea.

  4. Such an interesting shot! Different from most of the sky photos.

  5. Hi Jo,Khartoum sounds so exotic! I hope you will take lots of photos and show us a liitle of the region while you are there.

  6. Oh my, what took you to the Soudan ? Must be very interesting !

  7. Hope your trip was perfect. You should have just parachuted down to see Lynda!
    Enjoy yourself while on your visit.

  8. Guess what? We may end up in Tanzania for a cuppa next year! At least I hope so. Your picture is inspirational.

  9. What a 'kewl' shot ;--)
    Hop you enjoyed your travels!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Oh Jo, I wish you could've dropped in for a cuppa (but maybe one day soon, 'eh ?!)

  11. Interesting to think that you could stop in and visit with friends as you fly over their homes.
    Great photo!

  12. Hi Betsy, yes, the Brits have so many quaint sayings. I've just come across sayings in South Africa and want to do a post on this shortly.Thanks for visiting and it's a joy for me to know YOU all the way from Tennessee. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Sunny; I'm feeling the after-effects of my trans-African travel today (three days after landing!) I'm settling in just fine though. Thanks for your visit.

    Hi Gaelyn, Dedene and Janie;) pity I couldn't have done a sky-dive over Tanzania and literally "dropped in" for tea with Lynda LOL Thanks to you all for visiting.

    Hi Bettyl;) yes, the shot is more of a SkyWatch Friday photo but I wanted to use it as my Scenic Sunday post. Thanks for your kind comment and for visiting.

    Hi Loran;) you are an intrepid traveller , for sure. You will have a wonderful time in Africa and I've not forgotten my promise to let you know about South African travel. I'll get to it soon... Thanks for visiting

    Hi Gattina;) I've come to join my husband who is working in Khartoum. It's lovely being reunited with him again. Thanks for your visit.

    Hi Peggy;) so far what I've seen of the city, it IS exotic. It is very modern and I look forward to exploring and photographing everything. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Lynda;) what a treat it would've been to visit you last week. If only... Thanks for always visiting my blog.

    Thanks happilyretired;) it's good to welcome you to my blog.


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