Friday, August 7, 2009

Lightning Strike Over West Africa

A lightning strike which I photographed from the back veranda of my home on Camp Base Vie, in Guinea, West Africa
I've never been successful at photographing lightning until September 2004, when I managed to capture the flash above. (And never since- LOL!)

Thanks to the Sky Watch Friday team for this wonderful meme. If you'd like to view skies from around the world. click


  1. Awesome capture Jo. So great.
    Happy weekend all.

  2. Jo, that's an awesome capture. Lightning is very tricky to photograph. I've only recently been lucky, and only once.

  3. It's very difficult to capture lightening. We are having a show outside tonight but I'm not trying. Maybe another time. So thanks for posting your picture!

  4. Hi Jo,
    Ooooh... fantastic !
    That is a wonderful shot.

    Have a great weekend & see you soon.

  5. That must be hard to get lightning.
    Great shot.

  6. How did you manage to capture that amazing lightning strike? Since I live in the lightning capital of the US, I have tried many times but have never captured one. This one is a beauty :D

  7. That a super shot. I've never had any luck trying to photograph lightning.
    Have a great day.
    Sunny :)

  8. Great stroke of luck with that capture!
    I have just discovered your blog and read through as far as your passport problems. Have saved you for more reading later.

  9. That's a great picture of lightning! Thanks for showing!

  10. Wow ! what a shot ! you just catched the right moment !

  11. That really is an electrifying image.

  12. That is a fantastic shot! I love the cobalt blue of the sky near the lightning bolt.

  13. a very happy friday to you.
    that is a fab shot jo.
    you did good, even if it is the only time you've ever done that :)
    have a most wonderful weekend.

  14. Great lightning photo. That's tough to capture, I know.

  15. Jo, this is a really beautiful capture, even once in a lifetime, a success is a success!

  16. Thanks Regina, have a blessed weekend.

    Hi Gaelyn, your photo of the lightning inspired me to look in my West African photo archives for this one!

    Hi Loran;)it's strange, we have HUGE electric summer storms here in the highlands of the Free State. But because I live in town, I've not captured any strikes here either. There in Guinea, my house faced out onto the African bush with a little hill in the background so this was conducive to getting many sky shots. Thanks for visiting. (((Hugs)))

    Thanks JBar;) I popped onto your SkyWatch post and WOW, what a building. I encourage anyone reading these comments to visit JBar's site. Awesome.

    Hi LinneaW;) good to see you again.

    Hi Barbara;) thanks for visiting.

    Hi diane;) you should get some good shots with the great Australian sky... Thanks for visiting.

    Hi lazyclick: welcome to my blog.

    Hi Pam;) I've visited your blog often but not sure whether I've commented. Off to see you now. Thanks for visiting me. Have you gone through your photos to check if you perhaps did manage to capture a good shot? That's what happened here. I had many photos and only this one was "real"

    Hi Sunny, always good to see you. I'll pop in for a visit sometime later this morning. Ain't blogging fun? I can pop over to Australia, France, the US at the click of a button and visit any of you and you can come and visit me anytime you wish here in beautiful South Africa. (((Hugs)))

    Hi VioletSky: welcome to my blog. Uh-oh, the passport saga. I still have some arrangements to make and then I believe I'll be off to visit my husband in the Sudan. I'll be blogging from there as soon as I land! Off to visit your blog.

    Thanks ReaderWil I love your posts too.

    Hi Gattina;) yes, that's photography all about opportunity and the right moment...Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Babooshka;) thanks for your comment!

    Hi Pat;) yes, the sky was a special colour that evening. Thanks for commenting.

    itsnotjustapicture;) thanks for popping in. I trust you're having a wonderful weekend.

    Hi Janie;) thanks for your kind comment.

  17. Awesome timing and photo skills at work. Great job!
    Joyce M

  18. OK, I may have the best sunset - But you have the BEST Skywatch Friday. I am just mesmerized by that shot. And from a place I've not been yet - even more captivating! I have to go back and stare at it again!


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