Friday, August 28, 2009

Blue Sky over Khartoum

Instead of wandering around my garden as I do in the late afternoon in South Africa, my husband and I walk up to the roof of our flat. There we have a view of the whole of Khartoum. Apart from greeting our neighbours going about their daily business down below, we also watch many planes coming in to land at Khartoum Airport. Surprisingly, the airport is a very busy one, with no less than 26 airlines arriving at and departing from the runway. I'll do a post on this later on.

After the downpour of rain we had this week, everything was washed clean and the sky was a clear blue.

Last night I took my camera up there and got many photos. I snapped away at planes arriving and then I spotted this aircarft (photographed above). With the speed it was travelling at, it was definitely not coming in to land in the Sudan. We thought it might have come from Cairo and be on the way to... (we know not where)

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  1. Nice to get clear blue skies after a rain.

  2. Beautiful, clear blue skies! Doesn't get any better than that!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. do have beautiful blue skies! That's a lot of plane traffic coming your way!

  4. Love this blue, blue sky!! Well done!!

    Have a great SWF.

  5. Great capture of the jet Jo, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  6. Great blue sky, nice to see.

  7. Yes, Gaelyn, the skies were superb that evening.

    Thanks JBar

    Hi Sylvia;) It doesn't get any better. Thanks, you have a wonderful weekend as well.

    Hi Linnea;) good to see you again. Yes, we do have beautiful skies in Africa. I too, am fascinated by the airtraffic in this city.

    Hi Eric;) welcome to my blog. Thanks for you kind comment.

    Hello Guy;) good to see you again! I love your beautiful photos of Regina as well. I always check your blog and love it.

    Dirk, Welcome to my blog. Thanks, the skies over Africa are beautiful.

  8. The top of the flat must be a wonderful place to get some sky pictures, Jo. And that sky is gorgeous!!!!!

    We're off to Hendersonville today to check on G's parents. Have a great day.

  9. Beautiful skies over Khartoum...great capture with the jet...I like the contrail too...

  10. That's what a blue sky looks like. Gorgeous.

  11. I love to take pictures of jets as they pass by. We have such blue skies here they really show up like your do.

  12. that's really a clear blue sky!

  13. What a lovely blue.
    Enjoy your day.
    Sunny :)

  14. That is a surprising number of flights at that airport. And it looks like those passengers had a clear view as well.

  15. Hi Betsy;) yes, I have a very wide vista of the city. I stay in the centre of the roof as people don't like their photos taken without permission! Enjoy your trip to Hensonville. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Danton:) welcome to my blog.

    Hi Carol;) yes, I thought I'd miss my skies at home, but have so much opportunity here. Thanks for your kind comments.

    Hi Babooska;) good to see you again! It reminds me to pop over your [cooler] part of the world.

    Hi texasnascarcowgirl:) good to see you again. I bet you have stunning sky. I'll pop over and check yours shortly.

    Hi syel;) thanks.

    Hi Sunny;) thanks,you have a wonderful weekend too.

    Hi VioletSky;) it is, isn't it? Yes, now you mention it, the passengers were really blessed with clear skies and probably had a smooth flight! Thanks for popping in.

  16. Beautiful blue sky! Is it noisy living so close to the airport?

    Thanks for your nice comment on my new profile photo, Jo. Bless you.

  17. Lovely clear skies and enjoying your commentary on new adventures in Khartoum!

  18. What a beautiful clear blue sky. Great capture of the plane.

  19. Thanks Regina!

    Hi Pat, no we're quite far from the airport as the crow flies we only see the planes. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Gemma;) Thanks, Gemma. It's really great being back in "Africa" albeit with many challenges! Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Janie, thanks, this photo was taken with the zoom lens on my big camera. As good as I could get it...


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