Monday, August 10, 2009

Late Winter Garden, New Doggie Fashion

Eddy sports a new fashion; the off-the-shoulder look for dogs

Here in the Eastern Free State the weather has warmed up considerably. It's a little early for spring, but I'm not complaining. Even though the winter forces me to tidy my cupboards and do other indoorsy stuff, I look forward to this season when I can get back into the garden.

Yes, it's becoming warm enough for the dogs to sleep without their coats on. Yesterday I walked out onto the patio and chuckled to myself. Eddy is probably already feeling warmer because she had one arm out of her coat. A new doggie fashion? I asked her, and quickly grabbed my camera to get a few snaps.

I'm thrilled that my garden has remained quite alive which is not normal in our area in the winter. However, we had so much rain last summer and my garden, which is primarily indigenous, is three years old (even though I started it way back in 2002) and has also had constant kind and loving care from me and two gardeners over this period.
Being mostly indigenous, the garden has remained pretty, albeit a little brown around the edges!
A beautiful reflection of Angie as she has an early morning drink

The ponds lend a serenity to the cold winter landscape
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  1. I think Eddy looks quite dapper in the self made new style.

    I love your garden/yard. The ponds do lend to serenity.

  2. Very cute! I like the photo of Angie with her reflection.
    Sunny :)

  3. They look so cute all suited up for their outing!

  4. Your dogs are adorable. Eddy is the trend-setter!
    I wish our garden looked that good in winter. Enjoy your spring-like days.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful! The dogs are so cute in their coats. How cold does it get? We just bought Sheba a fleece jacket, but you only strap it around the waist and belly, so there are no wholes for the legs so to speak. She wouldn't need it turn the day, but I figured it might be good for her to have a pajama during night, since she doesn't care to sleep on the veranda anymore (where I tucked her in during the cold nights!). Her puppies a touch of Belgian Shepherd and Bernese Mountaindog in them, so I'm sure they're better off with a little longer fur when it comes to the cold months...

    Thanks for your sweet comments this weekend!

  6. Angie and Eddy are stylin! It's hard for me to think of anywhere in Africa being cold!

  7. Lovely winter coats for the pups. They look like they are enjoying the brisk outing! Wonderful garden too.

  8. Hi Gaelyn, yes Eddy is quite a dog. I inherited her from my son, John and dil, Debbie, in December last year, although she spent the first ten months of her life with me as well (this was six and a half years ago) Thanks, my garden is very calming on my senses at the moment. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Sunny, yes, I loved Angie in her coat reflected in her huge "drinking bowl" Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Deborah;0 nice to meet you. I've seen you commenting on other blogs and I'll pop over to visit you now.

  9. Thanks for popping in Dedene, It's always good to see you. (((Hugs)))

    Hi Esther, thanks for popping in. In the winter the temp drops to -4 (once or twice this last season) but our winter is only about 10 weeks long. I cannot believe that it gets cold in Niger. The temp never dropped below 30 deg year in and out in Guinea and Mali. I know the coat you're talking about. My precious Shasa had one and I gave it to a farming friend whose friends and husband think it's hilarious to put it on their large 9 year-old Boerboel. He has arthritis and I believe he's enjoying the comfort of this snug coat in his twilight years. I also think your Sheba seven will survive in cold weather. Hugs from South Africa.

    Hi Pat, yes, my dogs have enjoyed their warm pyjamas this year. It gets very cold in many parts in South Africa. Here in the Free State (in the very centre of Southern Africa) our temps can drop to minus (-4) in winter. In the Cape, among the mountains, they regularly have snow and very cold weather. The coastal regions are warm and generally don't experience winter as we do. Thanks for popping in. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi wildcatswoodscats;) good to see you. thanks for commenting. I'll pop over to your blog shortly.

  10. Hi Jo, I love hearing and seeing things from your part of the world. Here we are in the grips of hot summer--and you are finishing up winter. Amazing!!!

    Love your pups 'off the shoulder' look!!!! Perfect!

    Have a wonderful day/night.

  11. I so enjoyed my walk through your Winter garden today, Jo .... and thanks for joining me in mine on the other side (well ... almost !) of Africa ;)

  12. Hi Betsy;) thanks my doggies are so cute and Eddy is a real treat. She is bleary-eyed in the morning because I feed them so early. My son/dil also rise early but only fed the pups after 8am. Here, in GranJo's house, pet breakfast is between 5 and 6am! Our weather is still chilly even though spring is on its way. Good to have you back again. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Lynda;) good to see you. Hope you're taking it easy and sitting in your sunny garden often. I should be living "above" you soon as the crow flies across the continent. I know I'm going to feel the heat, but like anything in life, will adapt to it soon.

  13. Your pond is gorgeous! Glad I found your blog!

  14. Love the "off the shoulder look", and stripes! how very fashionable,



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