Thursday, June 3, 2010

Orange and butternut soup

Sarie Kos/Sarie Food is a  quarterly Afrikaans food magazine affiliated to the favourite South Africn women's magazine  "Sarie". To translate:  - on the cover: (clockwise from the title) "my inspiration" above the title, and Autumn 2010 underneath it; 8 easy pasta sauces, Feel-good home cooked food, Soccer feast for the World Cup Soccer kick-off in South Africa on 11 June , 6 dream cheese cakes and chocolate cake in a mug (only 5 minutes!)

The day before I left South Africa to come back to the Sudan, my dear friend, Ida invited me to tea. We enjoyed delicious muffins, cream and jam on the deck in her beautiful garden. Even though I'd been home for three weeks, we'd only seen each other at mutual friend's houses and in the street; so this was a golden opportunity to catch up on each other's family news. She spoilt me thoroughly with a "going away" gift which included a packet of mixed herb seeds  - I've planted them in a container in my flat - and a glossy magazine. Sarie (a woman's name) is a South African women's magazine which I can remember as a child. Now there is also Sarie Kos (Sarie Food) magazine. (photographed above)  Wow, what a stylish and tasteful magazine. You just want to cook and bake (and eat, yikes!) as you flip through its glossy pages. I did! I made the delicious Orange and butternut soup for dinner when we returned from my last visit to the dentist this week. (yes, my root canal has been done and painlessly too)

A weekly bargaining session at the fruit market forces me to use my newly-learnt Arabic. When I think the price is not acceptable (I know how to ask: how much is a dozen oranges?) I reply that it's too expensive. I've also learnt to say: I know prices! (In other words, don't try to rip me off!) And so the bargaining progresses until I and the vendor agree we've both won!

Deliciously different: Butternut and Orange soup

Orange and Butternut Soup Sarie Kos Autumn 2010
(The combination of orange and butternut is a classic recipe)
Serves 6
50ml Olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1kg butternut, cut into blocks
300ml vegetable stock
2 slices orange rind
500ml orange juice
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat oil in saucepan. Brown the onion until soft and transparent
Add the butternut and brown for a further 5 minutes
Add the vegetable stock and orange rind
Remove from heat and add the orange juice
Allow to cool and blend in food processor until smooth
Season with salt and ground black pepper
Heat before serving.

I don't have a food processor here in Khartoum. I used a sieve to achieve the smooth consitency visible in the above photo.


  1. Sister Jo, that looks soooo good! Been busy but I just want to let you know that sometimes, I come by and visit you and not have a chance to comment. But I leave you with a prayer for the Lord to always bless you and protect you. Now I'm hungry! :)

  2. That sounds like a delicious combination. Glad you are practicing you Arabic.

  3. It is cold here and your butternut soup is just right on time.It looks so yummy and very easy to prepare. Thank you for sharing the recipe Jo. I want to try it if I can grab a chance.

    Have a nice day always.

  4. Hi Jo, You just HAVE to feature that delicious soup on your blog, don't you?????? For you see, I am having to FAST this morning --while waiting on my afternoon knee surgery... To say that I'm hungry is an understatement. ha ha ha (think I'll live though!!)

    Isn't Ida just the neatest lady???? Hope to meet both of you someday.


  5. Glad that you could use the recipes!♥

    Nou moet ek dit ook probeer - lyk heerlik! Ek het vir jy kleinkind gaan 'hallo' sê - hy is so-o-o pragtig en sy voetjies is omtrent so groot soos 'n vuurhoutjie-boksie!!

  6. I am glad you learned words in Arabic and you've seen the benefit in the market. The soup looks delicious.

  7. Thanks RCUBE:) It's good to have you over at my blog. The soup is easy and quick for working ladies like you. Enjoy!

    HI Gaelyn;) yes, the idea of learning Arabic was to use it. I am still stammering and getting tenses all wrong, but slowly being understood!Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Eden;) you will enjoy it.

    Hi Betsy;) I'm sorry to tempt you when you were fasting for the op. I pray you are fine at this moment and hope to hear all about the success soon, Ida is a real darling!

    hallo Ida;) al die resepte is so lekker. Ek gaan die vinnige etes ook hier op my man toets! Dankie dat jy ons kleintjie gaan sien het. Lierjou!

    Hi sEy;) thanks the language is quite a challenge but I'm enjoying it! Thanks for popping in.

  8. I saved this one! I'm definitely going to make this when it gets cold again!

    I love looking at food magazines, too, and they also make me want to get up and cook!


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