Saturday, June 26, 2010


The weather in Khartoum is still very hot 40°C/104°F and very uncomfortable as we live through our first North African summer. We've had three dust storms this week, the worst one during the night on Thursday. On Friday a dust pall hung over the city with gusts of wind whipping sand into your face if you were outdoors.

We have a water cooler in the flat without which we'd probably be a lot more uncomfortable! Both hubby and I drink copious cups of water to quench our thirst and to cool us down. however, water has many more benifits.

Affording a purified water company free advertising (above) I thought they'd not mind if I used the facts gleaned from their website.

Here are some important reasons to drink [spring] water: (Italics mine)

75% of people are regularly dehydrated -lack of water is the number one cause of daytime fatigue

37% believe they are experiencing hunger when they are actually thirsty - uh-oh, next time I make for the cookie jar, I'd better have a drink of water first...

Dehydration, even when mild (3%), slows the metabolism down

Mere 2% drop in your body’s water levels results in short term memory impairment, trouble with basic math and difficulty focusing (such as computer screen or printed page)

Children, who are more susceptible than adults to dehydration and need water to grow properly, may not be drinking enough and may be substituting unhealthy beverages and food to satisfy their thirst. Cornell Medical Center links such behavior to obesity and reduced height.

Exposing children to great tasting spring water reduces craving for sweets.

For exercise, dehydration affects performance, concentration and endurance, and can produce muscle cramps, overheating and other ailments.

Dehydration is the number 1 reason for hospitalizing people over 65 years old.

Water cannot be stored by the body and must be replenished regularly

Long term, excessive exposure to chlorine and fluoride, found in many municipal sources, has been linked to certain types of cancer and damage to teeth. Municipal water quality and safety is a source of increasing concern to the public.


The Arabic word for water is moya.


  1. Great post, Jo.... Sorry about the weather conditions there. I'd bette quit complaining about ours here!!!!

    I love water--and drink alot of it now... I find that since my surgery, I am craving water more than I ever did before... Maybe the meds are making me thirsty....

    Hope you have a COOLER day tomorrow... USA plays tomorrow morning...

  2. I can hardly drink enough water even though I'm drinking all day long. Plus talking to visitors about drinking water also, especially at high altitude.

    I sure loved drinking water out of the Drakensburg streams.

  3. Hi Betsy;) I'm sure medication makes you crave more water. Good, keep your kidneys healthy while on the tabs... Bless you my friend.

    Good on you for encouraging people to drink water, Gaelyn. Ah, as I posted this I thought of the D-licious water in the Drakensberg streams, referred to as God's champagne. Nothing like it, glad you could taste it! Have a wonderful day.


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