Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup upsets and vuvuzelas

Once again darling Ida from South Africa has sent me photos of the wonderful support the fans are showing our team back home. Above is a group of young men at the taxi rank in our home town. Oh, the nostalgia as I see the familiar streets and the shops in town displaying the South African flag. Of course there always has to be a vuvuzela!

As this post is aired this morning, the result of the South Africa and Uruguay will be known. We, sitting here in North Africa, have rooted for our team all the way.

Go Bafana Bafana !

Everybody is having great fun with the vuvuzelas

All photo credits: Ida le  Grange
 Congratulations to the Swiss who beat the World Cup favourites, Spain!

The Arabic word for congratulations is mabrook.


  1. Does this loss mean ZA is out?

  2. People are going Crazy about the World Cup. BTW, Shadow is such a spoiled cat. hahaha, she/he found her home.

  3. What great photos. Really great. I'm sorry that SA did not win the game. It would have been wonderful for the host country to win.

  4. I love it ! These photos are great and reflect the essence of the true African spirit ! GO BAFANA BAFANA !

  5. Well---did your team win???? I hope so. The USA plays tomorrow morning I think... I probably won't watch it--but my best friend and her family will. They even take a day OFF of work....


  6. It's great to see all the excitement in your home town!


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