Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Soccer 2010 USA versus England

USA victory over UK in 1950 (see link below)

As this post is aired, the score will be known of last night's match between two arch rivals: England and the USA. I may or may not post the result depending on the hour; we are early-to-bed birds but Grant and I will be watching the match here in our flat in Khartoum tonight.   We will be rooting for the US!

To read more about the "blip" in soccer history sixty years ago, click here

Note: (11.29 pm) So it was a draw! Poor Robert Green.

The USA team was TOPS!

The Arabic word for sixty is setaheen.


  1. Well, as my best friend said, the USA got lucky in that game. I'll bet the goalie is very upset that he let that ball slip through his fingers....

    I watched a tiny bit of the game ---but really struggled with it (since I know nothing about soccer). I also don't like all of those horrible HORN sounds in the background. I've never heard such a thing.... ha


  2. Yeah Betsy;) but the US didn't LOSE to the UK and they were our team last night. Whoo-hoo. Poor goalie. I pray he doesn't berate himself too much. Oh, I wish the match organizers do something about the horns. We've heard them on matches (over the radio and later on tv) so we South Africans are relatively used to them. But they make it very difficult for fifty-somethings to hear the commentating! We have aircons and ceiling fans going so the noise is deafening to say the least. Ha! Love and hugs Jo

  3. Yet another tie. Seems like everybody will be going for the Cup for a while.

  4. I didn't get to see the game but it sounds like it was a good one. Pubs and coffee shops are opening extra early in Vancouver right now so that people can watch the games on the big screens (they are opening and serving the *ahem beverages, at 4:30 a.m.).

  5. Well I was rooting for England seen as I was born there. I wasn't impressed with their playing. I thought the US did better. Green will have nightmares for a long time.

  6. Hi Gaelyn;) It's nice when there is an actual winning team. And yes, WCS is dominating everything else! Have a great day.

    Hi Joyful;) Oh, I see...

    Hi diane; yes, our money was on the US although they didn't shine as such, but it was an exciting game. Whoo-hoo for the Socceroos tomorrow! (tonight here in Africa)

  7. Well thanks for rooting for the USA, Jo! I heard it was a 1-1 tie--exciting for the USA to tie rather than lose to the UK! The UK goalie was probably kicking himself afterward, poor lad.

  8. It's a hard time for us ! we don't like football at all ! Mr. G only watches Formular 1. All TV station in the world are full of football. The only thing which was really interesting was the documentary about South Africa on German TV, lol ! How people live there etc. Was very nice to know.

  9. Jo: My friends in England were very upset with the results.


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