Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup Soccer Cat

Now that South Africa's team, Bafana Bafana are out of the running, Shadow sees no need to watch the World Cup Soccer

I see no soccer
Nope, nothing here...
I'm  bored, I think I'll catch a nap
Or, I'll just hang around in this bag

Congratulations to the UK and especially the USA for  qualifying for the next important round!

The Arabic for South Africa is Jenoop Afriria


  1. Born in England and living in America, I was pleased with today's results, as both my teams won and advanced to the next round!

  2. Sorry your kitty couldn't help make South Africa WIN..... The USA is still in --but I'll admit that I don't watch soccer... My best friend watches every single game....Gads!!!!

    P.S. Cute pictures of your kitty!!!!

  3. Shadow is quite the kitty cat :-) (Sorry about SA being out of the running).

  4. Shadow is absolutely adorable. Such a cute face and bright eyes, I think he is very much at home :)
    ☼ Sunny

  5. Shadow gets bored easy, but looks cute anyway.

  6. South Africa is janoob Afriqia, we never say p in Arabic and we have a real problem with all the Ps in English and French :d

  7. Shadow's so cute! You should contribute one of her photos to

    It's sad really that So Africa got eliminated so early. Thanks for the cheers for the US! It was an exciting match.

  8. hi Jo...i came across ur blog while googling for sewing kits in sudan..i've on been here for 2 months, also accompanying husband who works here. do u happen to know where i can find needles, threads, zipper, button & such? i have not been to the souq yet

  9. Hopefully now some of the noise will die down. What a hectic couple of weeks this has been and still 2 more to go!!

  10. Sounds like a "fair weather friend" to me LOL! Cats are the funniest people, I think they just let you live in their house...

  11. My favorite is the I see no soccer shot.

  12. Oh I love your cat. I adore cats very much!

    I was about to ask in my skywatch comments "How's the World Cup going? Our team is out of the WC" unfortunately. :)

  13. Poor kitty looks bored by the TV now that her team is not in the running.
    She's a cute one.

  14. Shadow is so adorable. I was happy to hear the US is moving on. We aren't watching it (don't have cable or satellite TV), but we see a highlight or two on the regular news.

    We like "So You Think You Can Dance." I know, so shallow.


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