Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Soccer Surprise!

You said HOW MANY have arrived in South Africa?

The Arabic word for baby boy is tifl.

Photo credit: Angus Hedges


  1. That's an adorable little tifl! The word sounds like he's thinking up trouble.

  2. That pic is So precious!

  3. Oh Jo---he's precious!!! Love that picture...

    Yes--South Africa is going to be THE place to be for the World Cup. I'm not a 'soccer person' --but my best friend and hubby watch all of the World Cup games ---ALL of them!!!! ha


  4. This must be a special grandson?

  5. Beautiful bundle of joy.

    Regards Jo.

  6. Excellent caption!

  7. Oh he is such a darling. How old is he now?

  8. Great caption for sure. And, your grandson is so adorable.

  9. Hi Janie;) I love the word too. And his top notch makes the surprised look so much more real! Thanks for visiting

    Hi Gaelyn;) I'm thrilled with the pic too, oops forgot to credit the photographer - going back to add it in...

    Hi Betsy;) thanks we don't see much of our grandchildren but both sons send photos! Ah, will you rest-up while he watches. Mine wants me to watch with him. I have before when we lived in West Africa. Hope you're feeling better

    He is a very special little lad, Loran. Good to see you again.

    Hi Regina;) yes at five months his parents are enjoying him very much.

    Thanks Ida!

    Hi diane;) he is a little over four months now.

    Thanks Joyful:)

  10. What a beautiful baby! I hope you are having as much fun and joy with him as we have with our granddaughter who's also 4 months - tomorrow!
    Hope you have a great buzz in SA with the World Cup - Ireland are not there :-( (thanks to Thierry Henry's handball which the ref missed!)but we will be there in spirit - I know the house will be full of fans.
    All the best, Catherine x

  11. He's just adorable! What a precious little tifl.
    Have fun during the world cup.

  12. Oh, this photo melts my heart, Jo. What an adorable baby boy.


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