Saturday, June 12, 2010

A vuvuzela moment

Above is a photo downloaded from the Internet: the South Africa vuvuzela moment, as it has been dubbed.

The streets of Sandton were covered in a sea of gold and green as South Africans came out in support of the national team which was touring the area in an open top bus.

"I have never seen such a mood," was what former Bafana Bafana player Doctor Khumalo had to say.

The vibe was also seen on the streets of Pretoria with some workers leaning out of their office windows blowing their vuvuzelas while others lined the streets of the city blowing their vuvuzelas in solidarity.

School children in minibus taxis also blew their vuvuzelas from the inside of the vehicles, while other motorists hooted. Metro Police officers also took to hooting and among the myriad of noise an ambulance kept watch at the corner of Prinsloo and Vermeulen streets. The sea of noise however did not seem to obstruct traffic much. 

Across the country, people had been asked to blow their vuvuzelas at midday on Thursday in support of Bafana Bafana and the World Cup 2010.

Yesterday was the opening match between South Africa and Mexico. We, here in Khartoum, saw the first minute of the game and then we lost the signal. The picture returned forty minutes into the game.

Halftime came and went; within a few minutes of the second half, Bafana Bafana scored the first goal. Whoo-hoo. What excitement! Grant said he regretted not bringing a vuvuzela from South Africa; he'd have blown it! 

And then we, here in Khartoum lost the signal again. The picture returned and we saw that Mexico had scored so it was one-all. Then we, here in Khartoum lost the signal again.

The picture returned after the game and we saw it had ended on a draw.  What a relief for South African fans. At least Bafana Bafana will go on to play in the next round now.

As the tension of playing in the opening match is over now, I believe that the national team is going to surprise us.

Go Bafana Bafana!

The Arabic word for noise is sahoot.


  1. Well---a 'tie' or a 'draw' is much better than a LOSS... The first game has got to be the hardest... Hope the WIN the next time. WOW---that's alot of people...

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. A draw? Go Bafana Bafana. And no vuvuzela? Love to see this enthusiasm.

  3. I watched the whole match. We recorded it and watched it at breakfast time. It was a great SA goal. I'm sorry they didn't win. They play in the same colours as Australia. we play Germany on Monday morning (our time). Germany are naturally the favourites and us the underdogs.
    We don't like the noise the vuvuzelas make but getting used to it.

  4. Saw this on the news - such a colorful enthused crowd!

  5. I hate/love the vuvuzelas. It's really a VERY loud (deafening!) sound, but I love the spirit and enthusiasm that goes with it!

    And yes, we have one!!

  6. The Bafanas played really well. Mexico is a tough team.
    My DH is glued to the TV and will be for the next month. He's watching England/US right now.
    Those darned horns would drive me crazy if I was there.

  7. You certainly have a lot of team enthusiasm in South Africa.
    Too bad Khartoum kept losing the signal.

  8. Thanks all for your comments. Sitting here in the last five minutes of the US / UK match and while the tension is mounting, (we want the USA to WIN!) the vuvuzelas are driving us crazy. let's hope they ban these horns by the next round. let the fans blow them before and after games, and keep quiet DURING matches. OOh boy, penalty for USA...

  9. Just read through this post now, and saw your 'GO BAFANA BAFANA !' typed at the bottom of it ... amazing as I typed exactly that, in almost identical format, in my post yesterday - great minds think alike, 'eh ?! Sorry to hear you lost your signal on & off throughout the game, hopefully USA/UK match last night was okay though ? Loved reading about your baby budgies 'Ag cute man !'

  10. That is so exciting for you and Grant, Jo. It's a shame you lost the signal till the game was over, but at least you saw some of it. I can feel your excitement in your words! I'm glad SA gets to go on.


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