Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Soccer in Bloemfontein

Directly translated Bloemfontein means Flower Fountain in English. Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State and our closest city. It is also the nation's judicial capital. Bloemfontein is also known as the city of roses due to the abundance of roses grown there and the annual rose show.

Five soccer matches are being played in Bloemfontein during the World Cup Soccer. "Ida, from South Africa," a precious lady and dear friend of mine, (also known to many bloggers out there) photographed the beautifully decorated streets and shopping malls of Bloemfontein. She sent them on to me knowing how I miss the Free State, friends, my home and loved ones. She also kindly agreed that I use them for this post. Thank you Ida, you are a very special lady. (And an excellent photographer!)

Then entrance to Bloemfontein after you leave the N1 highway.

This is the main street into Bloemfontein called Nelson Mandela Avenue. The metal roses on the left were cut out of a slab leaving a silhouette of the rose. Amazing artwork and no waste! Isn't this a brilliant photo?
Above is the cut-out silhouette of the roses on the other side of the street
Above is another dear friend of mine, Yvonne, whom I've posted about on occasion. She and Ida were in the city together
Above photos are of the shop displays and mall decoratations promoting the SA World Cup Soccer 2010

Above is the Soccer mascot, Zakumi. ZA for South Africa and kumi which means "10" in several African languages
All photo credits: With grateful thanks to Ida le Grange, South Africa

The Arabic word for friend is sadiqa (feminine)


  1. Oh how gorgeous.... Your city (Bloemfontein) is beautiful... Please thank Ida for sending those pictures. I'm sure that everyone in South Africa is excited to have so many nations in their city. That is just so special..

    I'd love to see the ROSE blooming in season. Wonder if I'll ever get to South Africa.... Maybe in my dreams!!!!

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this sport that they love. Those cut out metals with the pictures of roses are beautiful! God bless you and keep you.

  3. What wonderful photo's Ida took, Jo - as you know I've just returned from South Africa and the 'gees' there in the build up to the WC is incredible - infact, I don't think I've ever known anything quite like it before ! Lovely to see what you've been up to .... am going to read back through your posts now .... Shadow is looking SO healthy now - and content, too ! ((HUGS)) to you

  4. A beautiful looking city. I love the metal rose and its cutout. I don't like the sound that those plastic trumpets make though.

  5. Betsy;) You would LOVE the roses of Bloemfontein! They are spectacular. Hope you are feeling well again. (((Hug))) Jo

    Hi RCUBEs;) thanks they are beautiful sculptures. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Lynda;) I wondered where you were. Glad you're home safe again. Yes, Shadow is SO spoilt. We're loathe to go out on leave because we have to leave him!

    Hi diane;) the roses are beautiful, real ones and now these decorations. We're watching world cup at them moment and the vuvuzelas are incessant. Like a huge beehive! Hope you're sleeping at the moment. Enjoy!

  6. Those are terrific photos! Thank you Ida. They give a real sense of what is happening there in SA as the games draw near. It is all over the news here :-) Hugs and have a great weekend.

  7. Bly jy kon die foto's gebruik en, soos gewoonlik, skryf jy uitstekend! Dankie!! ☺

  8. Wow, looks like the place to be. Lots of people there. Wonderful photos and good luck to your team.

  9. I like all the colorful soccer memorabilia. And the rose and cut -out on either side of the street is a great use of material. Very attractive, too.

  10. Wow! Bloemfontein looks lovely. I do especially like the rose and the cut-out rose sculptures--perfect for the city by the name of Bloemfontein.

    The mall shots remind me of photos my son, Tim and his wife, Jolene, took of a mall in SA when they were there last year. I think it might be the same one.


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