Saturday, June 5, 2010

True Riches

Our youngest grandchild, born prematurely,  is two weeks old today. He is thriving on all the love and care lavished on him.  Here his mum baths him in GranJo's bread dish while his siblings look on.
Lovely and snug. Winter has arrived in South Africa and Marquard, where John and Debbie have stopped off for a while, is showing minus temperatures at night.
Our littlest girl, seems like a "big" now...

Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be. Matthew 6:21


  1. I love the quote Jo. your granddaughter is cute

  2. Elijah is a tiny and precious treasure. Sure hope everybody is staying warm.

  3. Thanks sEy;)

    Hi Gaelyn;) He'll follow in his namesakes footsteps and be a hairy man (prophet) for God!

  4. What sweet children, you are truly blessed, Jo. Lovely quote :)
    ☼ Sunny

  5. These grandchildren of yours are indeed precious treasures, Jo. I know your heart is with them. It must be terribly difficult to be so far from them for so long. They are in good hands, God's, John's and Debbie's.

    The newest little grandson looks strong and healthy! Bless you and ((hugs)), my friend.

  6. He is so tiny. like a little doll. Lovely little family. You must be very proud.

  7. Those are such sweet photos. I'm glad the baby is doing well. And the littlest girl is adorable.

  8. I think I lost my first comment, so I'll try again.
    The baby is indeed a precious gift. I'm glad he is doing well.
    Your little granddaughter is adorable.

  9. Why that little fella ain't hardly bigger than a pumpkin seed... by the looks of those arms and legs, he should grow up strong and tall!
    He's worth more than all of Salomon's riches!

  10. Oh that precious baby, Jo.... I love it with the family all standing around ready to help!!! CUTE.


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