Saturday, October 11, 2014

Critters great and small

After the rains, the earth was refreshed and the LBJ's were out in full force. Although I posted a few of them last weer (Cordon-bleu, Firefinch) the other creatures were also of great interest to us.

Driving past the mine area, I called for Grant to stop. I'd seen a colorful lizard sunbathing on a rock overhanging the pit. 
 Agama Lizard (male)

As we hit the bush road, Grant stopped just before an ant trail. I got out and took photos, taking great care not to allow any of the little blighters get into my shoes!
 View of the ant trail from the car window
Close-up of the ant trail
Close-up of the ants
They are shiny red and tough-looking!
The ant -trail stretched ahead as far as the eye could see

Along the lake, we saw many waders and other waterbirds. I showed a few on Wednesday but kept two for this post. 

Hamerkop displaying for its mate

A Long-tailed (Reed) Cormorant sitting on a branch nearby 

Driving back through town, Grant stopped so that I could photograph a cat stalking something in the bush next to the road.
 A cat hunting in the bush in town

When the cat turned towards us, we both said how much it looked like Topsy (one of the two cats we had here until we sent them back to Rina, who now lives with them in our Marquard home!)
This is Topsy who was also rescued from the same area as above. As you can see Topsy (and brother Tipsy) live far more privileged lives than the cat above! 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters Party with Eileen who's blog you can access by clicking here

And now for an update on the pups: day 24!
 The pups immediately go to the plates of oats as I place them on the ground
They already share well! 
On Fridays Joshua stands in for Michael. Joshua takes his duties as nursery assistant very, very seriously! (I've said this before!) Here he cleans the pups' hut and replaces the night towel (nappy) with a clean dry one
Several pups rounded off their oats porridge meal with a sip of mama's milk! 

Back inside the hut, the pups try to peer over the barricade but they're still too short! 

I hope you're all having a really great weekend. 



  1. the pups are adorable. yay for joshua! :)

    love the lizard and the birds. one serious ant trail!

  2. Love all of your four-legged friends/family!! Wonderful, fun captures for the day, Jo, as always!! Hope all of you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Love the colors of that Agama. Ants are such amazing creatures to watch and that is one huge ant trail. The pups will be jumping over that cardboard in no time.

  4. Love the mini crocodile, the ant trail is rather disgusting !
    And of course the puppies are so cute when they eat or try to look over the carton !

  5. Hi JO, the Agama lizard is colorful. Great sighting.. The ant trail is neat, as long as they do not climb on you..The Hamerkop is a cool bird, I would love to see this bird in the wild.. And I love all the puppies, they are so darn cute.. Have a happy day! Thanks for linking up!

  6. HI Jo That last shot made me smile. It won't be long before they can get over that. Lots all the critters you found especially the Lizard. Never saw that in Africa. By the way, Many thanks for all the I'ds. Have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely, colorful lizards! Great shots of the ants (definitely don't step THERE!) and the birds! Love the stalking cat too and your sweet little pups. They are coming along nicely!

  8. Great photos, the ant trail is amazing.

  9. The lizard's coloring is beautiful. That's quite an ant trail, but I sure wouldn't want to get in their way.
    The pups and kitties are very cute.

  10. That's an impressive ant trail! Enjoyed the photos!


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