Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mwanza trip (continued)

After the excitement of the dentist, we drove back into town. This is no mean feat as the traffic is always bad, and at midday it's horrific.  On the way, we had to pass this new building below. Rumor has it that it's a new supermarket. Now if you want to excite expats women in rural Africa, hold the carrot of a proper shopping complex in front of their collective noses. We've heard that it's the same supermarket chain that has the monopoly in Kenya (my friend, Penny from Snap That  will know which one I'm referring to) and this knowledge, however skimpy, has whipped up a frenzy of anticipation in the Mwadui expats.
 New shopping complex which building started at the beginning of 2013
Still a WIP Nevertheless the opening is greatly anticipated by all ! 

We popped into the only supermarket in town which supplies many items for expats. I like to go there to check whether they have "Go-cat" or "Whiskas" kibbles for cats (what else?) and also to check the fridges for yoghurt and decent cheeses. Last week they didn't have anything I wanted. I found two children's tooth bushes for Regina's little girls. When I looked for children's toothpaste, I was told "hamna"/there is none. I bought a tube paste for sensitive teeth. 

We had one more errand in the city center and then it was time to go for lunch. We always go to the Malaika Beach Resort on the shores of Lake Victoria. We always order the same thing/s to eat and we always share. 


Not at all!

We duly arrived at the Malaika entrance. As we drove a huge marquee loomed up on the grass area where people often stroll or sit and enjoy the lake. Of course, I asked what the tent was being decorated for and was told it was for the wedding of the Premier of Tanzania. Two hundred guests, including the President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete. 

 Part of the large marquee en preparations for the premier's daughter's wedding that weekend 

Upstairs in the open-air dining room overlooking the lake, Grant placed our lunch order. I wandered around with my camera.
The reception area of Malaika Beach Resort
Lovely little beach with palm trees and grassy park to relax in (no-one swims in the lake)
 Fishermen on the lake
I'd not seen this boat here before. Later I met and chatted to the operator of this smart vessel

An arrangement on a corner table of the dining area

Tables set ready for the next meal

After a rather long wait, our food eventually arrived. We don't mind waiting as we know it's freshly made in the kitchens across the courtyard. Often the Indian chef comes to our table to see these Mzungus that always order authentic Indian food!

Vegetable Briyani, chappatti and cucumber raita - our absolute favorite

Grant was dying to tuck in but I wanted to get the Paneer Masala in the photo as well. This is cottage cheese grilled and cooked in spicy [masala] sauce. 

The Paneer on the right of the photo is spicy and delicious

Although Grant and I share the dishes, we still cannot finish it in one sitting. We always take a doggie bag to enjoy the experience all over again at home that night!

Once replete, Grant phoned our driver, William who'd gone to have Chicken and Chips (a firm favorite with locals) in a cafe of his choice. While we waited downstairs on the lake shores, I got talking to a young man. He said his name was Peter and had just started up a tourist business of taking visitors from the mainland to one of the many islands on the lake. He rattled off a long list of attractions on the various islands and said he was supporting his younger sister as their parents had died years ago. I said I would tell all I came across about his tours and hoped he did well.
 Peter, a Lake Victoria boat tours operator

Two hours later (I read and snoozed alternately in the back!) we arrived home in Mwadui. Another great outing.



  1. That young lad Peter looks very young to be so entrepreneurial. I hope he is successful.

  2. HI Jo Now that would have been a wedding to go to. What no invite? Well I have to say the meal looks delicious. Sounds a bit like Blantyre for supermarkets. Good reading about you trip to town.

  3. Jo, the rest of your visit to Mwadui sounds wonderful.. The views and the resort look beautiful. A gorgeous place for a wedding and your lunch..The lunch does look delicious..thank for sharing your day.. Have a happy week!

  4. Sure hope that huge building has a big grocery store. Nice place to have lunch.

  5. i can imagine getting new stores is very exciting! even here in our small town, a wal-mart opening this year was a big deal, so i can imagine in africa!!

    good luck to peter!!! blessings to him and his business venture!

  6. Mwadui does indeed sound like a great place!! Your pics for the day are the next best thing to being there myself, Jo!! I do hope all goes well for Peter!! Have a great new week!!

  7. I'm starving now. The last thing I ate was a Sausage McMuffin five hours ago.


  8. your stories and trips amaze me. a beautiful place for a royal wedding.. i wish Peter well with his business.. and that food... you would have a hard time holding me back while you got your photos. ha ha

  9. Looks like a great time!

    Now I wish we were having Indian food for dinner. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

  10. At least the Premier knows how to live a good life in his country ! All the money spent for this wedding would have been necessary for other purposes concerning the poor population !


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