Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Rina!

Today is our friend, Rina's birthday. Many of you may remember me posting about Rina before. Mostly when we're out in SA on holiday. Grant and I met Rina and Dick here in Mwadui at the beginning of 2013. A few weeks later Dick rescued two teeny kittens stranded in a ditch in pouring rain, and took them home. They knew nothing of how to look after kittens. We showed them the ropes and  they began to enjoy owning cats. When they went on leave to SA, we baby sat the cats. (I posted about this extensively!)

The second time they went on holiday, we kitty - sat Tipsy and Topsy again. This time, four days before Rina and Dick were due to return to Tanzania, Dick was diagnosed with malaria. He was admitted to hospital and two days later, on 9/11 (2013) Dick passed away.

Two weeks later Rina's mum died after a short illness and Rina spent her birthday at her mother's memorial service. 

Earlier this year, our long-time house-lady, Emily asked to go on pension. At the same time, Grant asked Rina, who was renting a house in Northern Free State if she would come and house-sit for us. On 25 July, Rina, the two cats and Rina's entire house effects moved into our house. 

Rina is now settled and has made our house into a home. Grant and I don't have the time on our three-week break to do maintenance and make the house comfortable. Now Rina is there to supervise when Grant gets contractors in and she's there to re-hang and replace the soft furnishings.

Today is Rina's birthday. Yesterday  she invited several ladies from the retirement village (Rina knows most of them already as she also helps us with Grant's mum who has moved in there) and also several other ladies she met in town with me and at church with our son, Angus and Amanda.

DIL Amanda arrived after 4pm and took photos. Several ladies had ladies had already left to go prepare dinner for their husbands.
From left:  Rina Marie, Grant's mum, Pam, Pienkie (our former next-door-neighbor) and Myrtle. All the ladies - except Rina, are from the Retirement Village in Marquard

Rina did all the baking for her party. When the ladies left she gave them containers filled with eats to enjoy later on in their rooms at the center
Birthday girl, Rina!  
A far cry from what she experienced on her last birthday



  1. Yes I do remember you telling us about Dick so it is great that Rina has now had a better year and a great birthday. She looks well. Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME IN NORTHERN IRELAND.

  2. yes, i remember you telling us about her. how wonderful that she has already made so many friends in her new home! :)

  3. So sorry for Rina's loss and so happy she is blessed to have found you and that she is there to help you which will help herself. this is a sweet and heartwarming story and i love the photo of all the ladies... thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Rina.

  4. How wonderful to see and read how Rina is settling into her new town and home. How great to see Pam out and about too. God bless you and Grant for being such great friends and loving daughter and son. Big hugs. xx

  5. A very special happy birthday wish for Rina!! My dear? You have a LOVELY smile!!!

  6. Wonderful to see Rina's smile and know she's settled in and celebrating life with friends.


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