Sunday, October 26, 2014

Caught in the Crossfire

Hi Aunty Kay, Lindy and mum's blog readers. Lindy I saw that you're on holiday with your mum and dad. So you probably won't be blogging but enjoy every tail wagging moment.

This week was a bit dramatic in our house. Mum gave me, Ambrose, Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger that awful worm medicine again. She mixes the tablets with warm water, draws it up into a syringe and then she squirts it down our throats. Although it wasn't nice, she says it has to be done.  Dad Ginger jumped off the day bed on the veranda and Mum accidentally stood on his tail. He yowled loudly and Unca Shadow, who is very nervous of Dad Ginger, gave a growl which turned into a scream. They both faced each other snarling and spitting at each other in the lounge;  eventually Mum managed to push Dad Ginger back onto the veranda and close the door. She says usually a short separation helps ease the tension.

Well, as she walked through the dining room. I don't think she knew that Unca Shadow, who was shaking with fear, was under the table. He shot out and latched onto the back of Mum's leg.
Unca Shadow has very sharp teeth and claws 

Although Mum washed the wounds immediately with course salt in hot water, and applied ointment, by Saturday afternoon the wounds were showing signs of infection. Mum phoned the chief doctor who arranged for the doctor on call, Dr Munde,  to be at the hospital at 5pm. She says Dr Munde sent her for a procedure called: Theater Treatment and then prescribed medicine to make sure the infection goes away.  

She says that the General Nurse, John Shoshiwe, told her he normally wouldn't close the wounds. But two of them were very deep, and after he'd cleaned each bite/scratch with saline solution and applied Iodine, he wanted to protect the area overnight. She had to go back to John Shoshiwe this morning for another cleaning and ointment treatment.
Mum says the staff at the hospital are very professional 
John made even her old leg look neat!

While he was cleaning the wounds, John told mum that his brother, Zechariah works as Night Askari at our house. Mum has posted many times about Zechariah who she calls her Night Angel, especially now that he keeps guard over the pups during the night.  
 Dad Ginger relaxes on the table
 Unca Shadow sniffs at mum's birding bag. You won't believe that this is the same cat that hurt our mum the night before! 
I watch everything from my tree-deck

Now mum has asked me to do a pup update to cheer this post up. 

What's cheer, Unca Shadow?  

Uh-oh, Unca Shadow isn't listening... 

Mum says the pups are 38 days old now. And we kitties see them going out onto the lawn in the morning and afternoon. We play in the back garden, as this is safer with Princess around. She is very protective about her babies. 
The pups are very excited when they know they're going out onto the lawn
 Michael, our day askari calls the pups  to play
A pup looks closely at the grass 
 Another pup nibbles mum's toes 
They play with everything they can get their teeth into!
 Princess loves playing with her puppies
Michael cuddles Mvulana
When it was time to go back into their enclosure, two of the pups were too tired to come along...
... so Michael picked them up and carried them home! 

Mum always tells me to say: Have a happy weekend, everyone. Including all the lucky puppies and kitties like us, here at Hedges Kitty Pet Hotel.




  1. ouch on the wounds! but i understand the drama and riling up that caused it. so glad 'mum' got to meet zechariah's brother, john! very neat!

  2. Thanks for the update Shadow. Hope Mum heals quickly as she's soon to go on holiday. Oops, probably shouldn't have spilled the beans about that.

  3. You need to tell Unka Shadow to be nice to the hand that feeds him.Thanks for the update on the puppies.

  4. WOW! That is some wound that your Mum sustained. I hope it heals up quickly before her holidays. Thank for the up date on the pups for Mum. I am sure you also will keep an eye on them when she is away. Have a more peaceful week.

  5. MY WORD! a trip to the doctor and glad you went, hubby says cat bites and scratches are easily infected.. poor Shadow and Poor mums... what an exciting day you all had... those pups are getting cuter by the day and soon you need to post a Cute Alert! LOL

  6. Hope the infection clears up. That looks a bit painful.

    As always I enjoy the puppies in review.

  7. What cute dogs! I like cats too, but I'm not sure about a cat that would hurt like that...

    I believe that Belgian building is actually several built right next to each other, but it's been a long time so I'm not sure.

  8. Great update, Shadow..I hope your Mum's infection and scratches clear up quickly.. I also enjoyed the puppy update.. They are so darn cute.. have a happy day and week ahead!

  9. I hope you're Mom's leg is okay. I'm sure she isn't angry at your uncle.

  10. How could I miss that ! What a terrible incident ! I was probably too busy with the exhibition preparations !


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