Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My special world

Thanks to everyone who followed closely, and commented on, my month-plus of posting about the pups. I will continue to post about them for the next ten days until we go on leave. Thanks too, for all the encouragement that they will stay safe and healthy for the three long weeks that I'm off-site.

Meanwhile, I'd like to let you all know that I'm 100% fit and  well again. I started walking with Marita again today and with the sweat I built up, I told her that I'm sure the malaria parasites are out of my body at last! Thanks for the many well wishes and kind thoughts while I was ill.

And now, a new development in the pups' activities. When the weather is fine, Michael and I carried the pups in our arms, across the driveway and to the lawn beside our house. Yesterday I suggested that we pick up one dog each, open the enclosure gate and walk across to the lawn. The pups peeled out of their pen; Princess was so intent on what we had in our arms, she just ran after us, and of course, the five remaining pups followed. 
 Michael picks up one pup and opens the gate. Note how fixated Princess is on her pup in Michael's hand
 Princess doesn't know who to watch; Michael or the pup in his hands. Note the little pup, Bibi coming up in the rear!
Michael strides along with Princess and her pups at his side! 
Michael cuddles two pups  

When we first sit on the blanket and try to get the pups to play on the grass, all they want to do is have a drink.

Michael consoles Princess ...
...who eventually relaxes into the task
 Eventually the pups had enough to drink and Michael tempted them to come and play
When you're so little, even a leaf is an exciting toy
 The other half of the family ran around on the lawn discovering new and fun things!
 And then it was time to return to the pen

Another fun outing for Princess' Secret Seven!

I'm linking today's post to Our World Tuesday which you can access by clicking here

I trust you're all having a great week so far!

Note:  I've come to the conclusion over the past 33 days, that many more people love posts about dogs than birds. Having said that, though, I've also had wonderful comments from my fellow-birder-blogger friends about the pups. So there's something for everyone! 


  1. I'm so very happy to hear that you have moved past the malaria -- not an easy thing to do!! Glad you are feeling so much better, Jo!! Love your pics today as always, and the pups are so adorable!! Take care!!

  2. who can't fall in love with those sweet pups - from helpless little slugs to bouncing bundles of personality. :)

  3. Hi Jo. So glad you are fully recovered now. You will be glad that you leave is coming up now so you can relax and be with the family. That was a great fun outing for the pups. You will miss them when you are on leave. Can you let me know when I post today if all the dis are correct please. Thanks.

  4. Dogs or birds - I love both!
    The pictures of Michael picking up the pups and coaxing them to the lawn are wonderful. I love to see the progress of the pups, they are so cute. They will be grown so quickly!

  5. Smart move. This way the pups will get used to following.

    Everybody likes puppies.

    Sure glad you're feeling well.

  6. What adorable photos!

    Did you know word verification was back on?

  7. I like landscapes but birds and pups aren't too bad either. LOL! Michael looks so good with the pups

  8. Hi Jo, I have to say I love both the puppies and the birds.. I am enjoying the updates and watching the pups grow each day.. I almost wish I could be there watching them too, I am still missing my Goldie Girl.. Keep the bird and puppy shots coming.. Have a great day!

  9. you are right about me, i love dogs dogs and more dogs, all kinds of dogs and all kinds of four footed creatures. i spent my whole life terrified of birds. attacked at 2 by a rooster, at 8 by a turkey gobbler who ripped my dress of of me and chased by geese at 12.. but i do love seeing your exotice birds.. and i am no longer afraid of them.. but i am not a birder. my friend is. we go out and she looks up and i look down..

  10. forgot to say i LOVED the parade and what a great idea

  11. A break?? I will miss them. :-):-)

  12. So nice to see all the cute dogs! Love the shot of the mother feeding the pups!=)


  13. Very good news that your malaria attack is over and you are turning on 100 % again ! Now I would call the puppies mini dogs because they all look like plush toys, so cute ! Of course mum Princess was worried that a "stranger" took her baby and carried it on the grass ! It looks as if they had a picnic there !

  14. Hey Jo! I LOVE the birds...but the pups sure are cute right now! I'm so glad you are now feeling healthy. I have no idea what malaria feels like but I DO KNOW I don't ever want to get it!

  15. Glad to hear you are now feeling much better Jo. I love both dogs and birds. But you can cuddle a dog ;-)


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