Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Puppy Update

Day 27

As can be seen in my recent posts, the pups are growling and developing at a rate of knots now. They recognize things and people and come running to the fence when Michael, Zechariah or I approach. 
  The pups run up to the fence towards me!
They make a dash for mama who is outside.
 Grant and Michael watch from the garden

The pups still sleep - now sans mama - in the hut at night. They also catch a nap inside straight after their early morning uggi while the air is still crisp
But they're spending most of the day outside now

Yesterday two pups cried to go back inside. Joshua lifted them over the cardboard, they played with the balls and toy doggie and then fell fast asleep!
One of the pups is  quite comical. She finds the strangest positions in which to sleep. (She is the same one Ambrose thought was cute enough to have as a toy!)
A view of the same pup from outside the enclosure

I hope you're all having a really good day.


  1. Jo, they are growing so fast.. It must be cute to see them all running toward you! The one puppy does have some strange sleeping positions. Great update, thanks for sharing.. I hope you are well, have a great day!

  2. thanks for sharing the joy even though you are so sick.. the last two photos made me really laugh out loud..

  3. i love that last pup! adorable!

  4. Adorable pictures ! Are they separated from Princess now ?

  5. Ahhh---those pups are adorable... You all are taking such good care of them... Mama still watches after them, doesn't she? Thanks for sharing the babies--which are growing up very very fast.

    Hope you are feeling better today.. God Bless.

  6. How is that comfy?

  7. Love to see these pups daily. Hope you are on the mend.


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