Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend of 19 Oct. 2014

As usual on Saturday morning Grant and I went for a birding ride in the bush. It had rained a little the day before so the trees and shrubs were sparklingly clean; the birds were flitting all over across the road, and into the scrub on the other side.

On Saturday afternoon, however, the heavens opened and it rained buckets and buckets. We wouldn't have gone to the club, but for two things. Our TV signal went out completely here at home and Grant wanted to watch the semi-final of our Curry Cup. And Poena, production manager,  is going to SA to get married on the first weekend of November. The Guest House marinated fillets of beef, arranged boerewors/farmer's sausage and beef sausages for me to take along for a BBQ. While the expats watched two exciting matches, the client chefs grilled the meat which was eaten later with salads.
 Poena, the young man in the center, opposite side of the table
Watching the second semi-final between two of our national rugby teams
Thys, seated on left, is back from Dar Es Salaam. He is much better and after a week's recuperation at his flat, he should be ready for work again
Me and Marita, the only two ewes at this very mild ram party for Poena

Here's wishing everyone out there a wonderful week ahead.


  1. so glad thys is better and back! and you, too, look like you're feeling MUCH better again!

  2. Good to know what you did over the weekend. Have a great week.

  3. glad you had somewhere that had TV available when you lost it at home. looks like everyone, including EWES had a great time


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