Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Post rain birding

As we drove onto the airstrip road o Saturday morning, we felt the freshness after the shower of rain the night before. Although we didn't see many birds, we saw some and here they are:
Helmeted Guinea Fowl run along the mine road beside refreshing puddles of rain
The ubiquitous Fork-tailed Drongo
Slate-colored Bou-bou calling its mate
Little Egret 
 Red-billed Firefinch
Blue-capped Cordon-bleu (Female) 

I'm linking my post to Wild Bird Wednesday hosted by Steward Monckton. Do visit his interesting blog with the most amazing bird photos here

And no post would be complete, without an update on the pups: day 21! (they're three weeks old today!) 
 Pups having their post- breakfast nap
Argh! This lady woke us with her flashing camera!

I can scratch my own ear now!



Although all photos above were taken while pups were in the hut, Michael and I spend fifteen minutes twice a day playing in the enclosure with the pups. It's still a challenge to get them to lap enough milk but I'm sure they're learning as we go on. Princess is less tense when they're on the ground and actually seems to enjoy snuffling and licking them while they explore the widening world. 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday. 


  1. they're turning into dogs! :) so cute.

    love the firefinch and the cordon bleu.

  2. Dear Jo, I wish I was there so I could give some cuddles and hugs to the pupsters. They really are so cute! They will only stay small for a short while. xx

  3. Jo, nice collection of birds. The pups are my favorite, I enjoy your daily updates.. They are so cute.. Have a happy day!

  4. HI Jo Well they look more awake now and interested in things. Still cute.

  5. HI Jo I forgot to say, thanks for putting on the Blue-capped Cordon-bleu (Female). it .is indeed very like the Blue Waxbill in Malawi Love the Egret shot.

  6. enjoyed all the bird pics, birds i have never seen. and the pup pics had me laughing... soooo sweet.

  7. I like the one pup who is using the other one as a pillow.

  8. Your pups are charming! Looks like you have a whole pack now. The birds look so exotic from over here in the northern US. But some of ours are pretty colorful too - guess it depends on your perspective.

  9. Your birds are just brill Jo. But there's no doubt the pups stole the show. Yes I know about Stewart's blog and contribute most weeks.

  10. The puppies start to look like mini dogs now !

  11. I am always impressed with the birds you find!

    And the puppies are really cute, too! Their Mom must be proud of them.


  12. I love seeing your bird sightings and even recognize a few. Plus the pups are really growing.

  13. Lots of neat birds here today. I like the Guinea Fowl and the Egret. Also those puppies are too cute for words.

  14. Beautiful series of photos. :)

  15. I would not mind seeing some of theses birds on days 'when I don't see many birds'!


    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  16. Wonderful post and super pictures.


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