Friday, October 24, 2014

Rainy Sunset over Mwadui

Cloudy skies as the sun sets over the mine

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And as I've been busy with taking photos at Kwet's school function farewell and later that night at the club, I just didn't have time for a pup update. Here they are at five weeks on Wednesday and 36 days yesterday,

Oh, I made time with Michael to play with them on the lawn and also take photos. The whole dynamic of the litter has changed with each pup displaying his or her own character already. Until two days ago, we'd take a pup each in our arms, Princess follows us, and the remaining five pups follow her. Now all Michael does, is to open the gate, the pups gambol out, and head for the lawn across the driveway. Michael and I have these little outings at 11am and again at around 3.30pm. Then Grant and Johan, who both drive their Toyotas into the property at lunch time and after work - and the workshop maintenance vehicle fetching tools, wood or other materials from the container at the back early in the morning - are actually at the office/workshop/maintenance yard at those hours. 
 The pups make a bee-line for Michael.  They know he's an angel!
Hello Mama, you look just like me!
Once Princess realized that the pups weren't in any immediate danger, she relaxed and started playing with them - albeit a little roughly at times!
When I sit down on the grass, several pups bound to me. They're most interested in my Mary Janes, my camera strap and lens cap on its lanyard and also in my sleeves or anything chewable!
Hello Mum. Why are you so big?
And they've discovered the art of playing with each other
Much ferocious growling and cheeky barks! 
Gnaaawww, gnaaawww!  Mum's MJ's won't last long with me chewing them
Mvulana, tongue lolling gallops towards me
The ever-patient, kind-hearted Michael has taught the pups to chase a leaf
 Shortly after their 11.30 morning play on the lawn, and their late afternoon session,
 I give them meal of ugali/ground maize cooked up with small meat chunks. 
These are meals two and three of four meals a day.

Last night around 7.30 I asked Zechariah if the pups were settled. (he's recently been challenged trying to get them into their hut at night without a fuss) He said they were all inside on the blanket and already fast asleep. All that activity in the garden and substantial meals are making them strong and  tiring them in the healthiest possible way. 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead.


  1. They are. Now a bundle of fun and very healthy looking. You are certainly going to miss them when you leave soon. They will grow so fast in the 3 weeks you are away.

  2. So cute. I love watching pups play and still remember childhood playing with "my" dogs. I also remember how they chewed up the wood and leather sofa we had at the time :-)

  3. Beautiful skies and the pups just get more adorable by the day and they are GROWING so fast!! Love your pics, Jo!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. such cute little personalities and bundles of energy!

  5. Beautiful sunset.

    Those pups are looking quite different from each other now.

  6. Hi Jo, what a gorgeous sunset shots. I am sure the pups are so much fun to be around.. I remember those puppy teeth are sharp like needles.. They are so cute, I love them all. Have a happy weekend!

  7. They are sooo cute!! And a great capture of the sunset!! Love it!

  8. There is nothing like a litter of pups together. Great shots.

  9. Wow, how the puppies have grown so fast!!!
    Have a nice weekend Jo!
    Hugs from Brazil

    <º)))< Bia

  10. I only can repeat myself, they are so cute and these little faces ! They really grow fast !

  11. HELP! I can't stop SMILING.. i went through each one twice. i just love them all but number 4 with mom and pup is wonderful and the puppy looks like her. they are just ADORABLE and smart

  12. Cutest pics yet!

  13. Aah, puppies. These pups would bring a smile to anyone's face.
    Beautiful sunset!


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