Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Widening World for the Pups

Every day the pups grow and develop a little more. They're aware of their surroundings wanting to come out of the enclosure if they see anyone nearby. Otherwise, they play and sleep outside the huts most of the day.

Yesterday I carried three pups in my arms and Michael put four into a cardboard box. We brought them across the driveway onto the lawn.
A box full of pups!
The puppies' first feel of grass underfoot!
They were a handful, and I was grateful to have Michael with me!
Michael cuddles the smallest and cleverest little pup. She was last born, as we say in Tanzania and is the sharpest little darling ever
 Princess was all over us and the pups kept trying to latch on!
The pups are very loving and love being handled

I hope you're all having a really wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Love watching the pups grow...

  2. worse than herding cats, i bet! so cute and squiggly! i just love michael and his care for them, too.

  3. Oh, they're all such cuties, Jo!! Love your pics!! Looks as though Michael really likes them, too!!

  4. HI Jo Good to see you are up and about again. The pups certainly are a handful now but adorable

  5. I want to hold them!

  6. Leaps and bounds. Will soon be time to find them homes.

  7. The pups are so cute, what fun.. I am sure Princess wants some loving too. Great photos, Jo!


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