Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend of 25 26 October 2014

Ambrose gave an account of Shadow biting me and my subsequent trips to the hospital. General Nurse, John Shoshiwe (brother to my night askari Zechariah) cleaned and dressed the wounds on Saturday, and again on Sunday morning. He said they were all healing very well and removed the dressing; he just covered the deepest bite to prevent infection. He also suggested I go to Dr Leonard for an anti-rabies injection. Although all our pets are always up to date on their inoculations, I don't think the anti-rabies will do any harm and it's better to be safe than sorry. I'll be at the hospital again this morning for my final wound treatment and the said injection.

Meanwhile the pups just thrive and grow bigger and healthier on the solid food from Bibi, a little mother's milk from Princess, lots of attention from the humans and their twice a day romp on the lush lawn.
The pups know when it's 11am and 3.30pm; this is their play time on the lawn
As far as I can ascertain, these two times a day, are the only times when Princess allows the pups to suckle
See how  we run, Mum? (Mvulana to the left of the photo)
Bibi and an older pup play on the grass

It's amazing how, by four weeks, the pups began to show their characters. And even more amazing that the first pup to do anything "doggie-like" was the last -born. Bibi is the runt of the litter. A tiny, almost puny female but she is so confident and will try any new experience before her larger, stronger siblings. Mvulana, the second-to-last-born pup, looks like Bibi (and both look like Princess) and is the next in line when it comes to clever tricks and new games. Mvulana is one of the only two males.
 Mvulana enjoys a cuddle on Michael's lap

The other pups all have their own little personalities, and I've posted photos of them doing the cutest things. 
 Nibbling mum's toes! 

I wish you all a wonderful and happy week ahead.


  1. glad your wounds are healing well. and such cute bounders!

  2. Ow. I'm glad you are doing well. You sounded so calm about rabies shots...I thought they were very painful.

    Cute pups as always!

  3. They are a bundle of fun now. Lots all the shots.

  4. Those little guys must be becoming a hand full.

  5. Jo, I am happy to hear your wounds are all healing.. I just love all the puppy photos..I would fun to be out on the lawn playing with them. Wonderful series, thanks for sharing. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  6. great news on the healing wounds, i was just a little worried about infection. cat bites can be bad. the pups are turning into mini dogs now.. i can't pick a favorite...they are so very very sweet. i love the photo of mom and pups with all that sunshine and brilliant colors of orange and green


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