Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mom's poster and puppy update

Hi Lindy, Aunty Kay and all mum's blog readers. This Ambrose. This week mum made a poster to use in her guidance lecture at the school for underprivileged children.

Unca Shadow, what does underprivileged mean? Oh! You say when we don't get our special brand of cookies, that makes you feel underprivileged?

No, mum told dad that she's going to give a talk to the carers at the school for Blind and Albino Children about hygiene. This isn't as easy as it sounds. The only running water for 280 children, is from two outside taps. Mum says she'll do a post on this next week.
Dad Ginger lies on the poster mum made for her talk at the school
I had a quick look at it as well!
Unca Shadow says he'll guard the washing up bowl mum bought for the school

 And now for a puppy update. They are 25 days old today, I heard mum tell my yoomen dad. Mum said I can post just a few photos and she will do the rest later.

The pups spent all day outside in the puppy enclosure. They played, ate their oats porridge (oh, I had a lick off one plate while it was cooling on the veranda) and they slept and slept and slept!
 We kitties watch the pups from veranda outlook: they're learning fast and run all around the enclosure
And they still sleep a lot! 
 Aw, I wouldn't mind this one for my own toy

What's that Unca Shadow? Oh, will it grow big and dangerous like all other dogs? 


I hope you're all having a really nice weekend.  


  1. such sweet pups and helpful kitties. :)

  2. Cute post Ambrose. Sounds like your mom is busy as ever and preparing an important presentation. May it bless the carers and help the children. Those puppies are sure cute aren't they?

  3. Hi Jo---Cute post from Ambrose.... Neat that you are going to talk to the children about hygiene...Like your posters.

    Unbelievable about the water situation. People in our country have no idea what living conditions are in some other countries... So Sad...

    Wow--the puppies are growing fast... They all look so healthy.


  4. Hi. Thanks Ambrose for this post and the up date on the pups. Your Mum's lecture reminds me of the many different talks we gave to the people of Sierra Leone although many villages did not even have a tap.

  5. Two water taps for so many children, that's really a terrible situation ! Very good idea to make a poster hopefully it helps a bit !
    Of course the puppies still sleep a lot, they are like babies, they are really growing fast !

  6. Cute post Ambrose.. Your Mum is wonderful to help out at the school. I enjoyed the puppy update.. they are all adorable.. Even when sleeping.. have a happy day!

  7. still not posting, knee is better but not 100 percent. had to check on the pups... they look so adorable...and healthy and happy

  8. Nice story Ambrose they are all so cute when they are babies.


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