Sunday, October 19, 2014

At last!

Hi Lindy, Auntie Kay and all mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and at last I can get a edge in wordwise.

What's that Unca Shadow? Oh, at last I can get a edge in wordways.

What neeoow, Unca Shadow? Oh, I see. At last I can get a word in edgeways.

As I was saying... 

Oh well, the thing is,  now I get my turn to talk. It's been pups, pups and more pups this week. I heard mum saying that they're growing fast and being so cute. Aww, that melts my kitty heart too.

It's been raining outside. Kitties don't like wet feet, so I stayed in my tree house and kept warm. 

 Later I sat on the pups' clean towel on the veranda. It was still raining
Unca Shadow prowled around the veranda checking everything
Mum said it was a wagmire outside. I wonder what's a wagmire?
The pups are over theeeeeere; safe and dry in their hut

Dad Ginger says all the talk about the weather is so boring! 

I hope all you kitties and dogs and pups out there are as safe, warm and happy as we are at the Hedges Kitty Pet Hotel.


  1. Always love the contribution that Ambrose makes!! What a fun kitty he is!! And I love the pics you get of him! Priceless! Hope yours and Ambrose weekend is going well!!

  2. HI Ambrose I am glad you Mama let you write today as I am sure you are nearly fed up hearing about how cute those pups are. Mine you, I love to have all the up dates and they won't be here for ever. Hope the rain stops soon so your paws don't get wet.

  3. you sure do tell a good story and thanks for all the kitty photos, and for including the where the pups are moment... hope the rain stops soon

  4. oh, i bet those puppies don't like being kept inside either!

  5. Hello, it is nice to hear an update from Ambrose.. I hope you do not mind the puppy update though, I love to hear about them.. Cute photos, as always.. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  6. Cute cats, and super-cute dogs in your previous post.


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