Friday, October 3, 2014

Promising rain skies

... but no rain yet!
 Black-headed Heron ...
...against stormy skies

And now for a pup update:  day 16.
 Early morning nap
We 're moving around now...
I'm one of the quieter pups
I can see outside!
 Ah, here's mum! 
Yes, the pups' eyes are all open and they're becoming very mobile of a sudden.  And as seen above, they're very interested in seeing what's outside the hut. Michael found a piece of press board in the garden shed and cut a strip off. Sekaminya was at the Guest House, so we asked him to come and attach the press board on top of the wooden barrier already in place.
 The barrier heightened while the pups grow enough to stumble outside ! 

As I've posted about since the pups' birth two weeks ago, Princess is a very good mother. She feeds the pups, cleans them and then leaves them to rest herself. When I say clean, I don't mean she licks their fur and faces. No, she cleans what a human mum does for her own infant.  Yesterday I noticed that there were few wet spots on the plastic flooring. While I washed the around the pups with Dettol water, Michael also rinse out the blanket. I spread an old towel on the floor which will act as a large communal nappy/diaper. This morning Michael will remove this towel, wash it in Dettol water and replace it with another old towel. 
The pups have a large communal nappy to absorb any spills 

Here's to a wonderful weekend ahead.

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  1. Such gray, grumpy skies and great captures for the day!! Love seeing how the pups have grown!! Love your pictures, thanks for sharing, Jo!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. they're turning into dogs so quickly! :)

    love that beautiful heron against those gray skies!

  3. Very neat to watch the heron in flight! The pups are as cute as ever!

  4. The heron in-flight captures are lovely Those pups are growing fast!

  5. Good idea with the towel ! It will not last long and then they will all hop around, lol ! Now you have to find 7 names !

  6. The Black headed Heron is such an elegant bird and you have captured it beautifully especially in the flight shots. The pups are growing fast adn growing fast and certainly are more active now. Have you got homes for them all yet?

  7. Love the grey heron skies - and the pups seems to be doing well!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. The heron stands out well against the gray sky. The pups are finally alert. I was wondering how long it takes as it's been so long since I've been around new born pups. they are getting very big. xx

  9. Oh the heron looks splendid flying against the clouds!
    Those pups are growing in leaps and bounds and soon they will be. They already are beaming boisterous..

  10. We've had some good rains over the last week or so. Hope you get some soon

  11. it is so hard to beleive they are 16 days old already. they get more adorable every day... i love the black and white wings of the heron...

  12. I'm so pleased you stopped by my blog, Jo, and I love a chance to visit yours. I see life continues to be interesting in your corner of the word. I've missed these glances into Africa and will not leave it so long in future.
    The pups are beautiful and I love how the Heron stands out against the dark sky. A very satisfying cyber visit, all in all, my friend.

  13. Nice shots of the heron. Love how the puppies sleep in piles.


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