Monday, October 6, 2014

SA Rugby Victory

Grant and I went out birding three times this weekend. After the brief shower of rain on Friday night, the world looked freshly washed and of course, the LBJ's were out in full force. Although we didn't see a huge amount of birds, we saw enough. More about these on Wednesday.

On Saturday evening we went to the club. There was an all-important rugby match between SA and New Zealand. Last week the Springboks had beaten the Australians. But NZ was another ball game. 

The game took place at Ellis Park (Johannesburg) and SA supporters were there in full force and voice! The All Blacks supporters weren't all that thin on the ground either. So it promised to be a good match.

When Grant and I arrived at the club, several people were enjoying a game of volley ball. Visitors consisting of four single, Scandinavian teachers, doing a study at the School for the Blind and Albinos in Shinyanga, had been invited to the club. 
Others, the serious rugby fans, were sitting in and near the pub with the flat-screen TV already showing the warm-up to the match

After the beautiful rendition of each country's national anthem, the All Blacks did their scary number.

The Haka
Soon the game was in full swing with both sides playing excellent rugby

Of course the referee didn't know what he was doing, LOL

 You have to be in a TV audience to experience the fury, excitement, disappointment and constant calls to the ref (remember he can't see either!) to understand South African rugby supporters

One of the SA tries which had the crowds in the stands and the Mwadui South Africans on their feet

Another fantastic try during the second half of the game

With less than two minutes left of the game, SA had a penalty kick. It went right through the middle of the uprights. 45 seconds of play and the final whistle blew.

South Africa: 27 -  New Zealand: 25

The noise in the club was almost as loud as that of the 60,000 strong crowd on TV!

 And a Sunday update on the pups, Day 19

Today, as soon as the sun hit the enclosure around the pups' hut, Michael and I put the pups on the ground outside. Although they didn't know exactly what they should be doing, one or two of them wandered around sniffing at objects like a stone and the wedge holding the door open. Princess was rather agitated and lay down immediately to allow them to drink. Which a few did!

Michael, who is incredibly kind to all the animals, shows Princess that her pups are safe with him. Below I cuddle a couple while pacifying Princess who looks on

I never knew pups could be so vocal

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. oh, they're just so pitiful and helpless, still! that kills me! :)

  2. A real surprise to see our All Blacks doing the Haka before their game. I like the Mama dog feeding her puppies too.

  3. Go Bokke! What a game and what a win!

  4. Hello Jo, men do enjoy their sports.. Princess and her pups are so cute. I loved the video, they sound like they are crying out for their momma. Have a happy week!

  5. wow those are some loud puppies. and so so so cute... they should be eating soon if i remember correctly.. they are getting to big to all get up to her at one time... per my hubby none of the referees here know what they are doing either and a lot of the players to. he can do BETTER than they, he talks to the TV all the time telling them what to do

  6. Congrats on beating NZ. The national league final was on last night. That created a lot of emotion. The team that won had not won in the last 43 years. We are not fans of rugby but prefer Football.That is a nice looking club for out in the boondocks.

  7. It would be difficult for me to go out birding, there is no special bird around here except magpies and a little sparrow if he survives the cats. Rugby is nothing for me, but this get together is nice !
    My goodness the puppies are really noisy ! What will it be when they all bark together ? Buy earplugs, lol !

  8. The pups are cute, as for the win over NZ, folks down are so hyped up over it and happy, you'd they all won the LOTTO!

  9. The puppies get cuter every day! Referees never know what they are doing, do they, unless your team is winning. You made me laugh!

  10. It's like that here over Football!Hahaa
    Love the puppies!!!!

  11. I'll bet that was an exciting game. Congrats to SA!

    Sure glad Princess is OK with the puppy handling.


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