Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy One Month Old, Pups!

Yesterday was the pups' first month at the Hedges Pet Hotel. They are progressing and growing in leaps and bounds; each one showing their personalities already.
 Pups: day 30. They prefer to have the option to stay outside the hut now, even at night

And it seems as though Princess is beginning to do more for the pups than just feed them occasionally. Yesterday it looked as though she was "talking" to them through the fence.
Now pup, mind your manner when the askaris greet you, OK?
Good morning, askaris
 Hi mum, can I have a kiss?

As Susie mentioned on my post, Princess looks lean feeding all those pups. I have them on four solid meals of uggi/oatmeal and she feeds them when she thinks they need it. And while she's been nursing, I've been feeding Princess two extra meals per day of dog pellets from South Africa. She also gets a huge bowl of ugali/maize porridge and meat from the Guest House every afternoon. Yesterday I noticed that she didn't really eat any of my food or the Guest House food. Like a human mother, and one with seven babies simultaneously, I felt she needs a booster of vitamins. Grant asked Albert to summons the vet. 
   The vet was most impressed with the condition of the pups. He said he'd never seen such fat, healthy pups in Tanzania. Princess isn't too sure what he's doing to her pups!

The doctor shows me the injection that he's brought for Princess. He said she probably needed de-worming. Princess appeals to Michael for protection!
 Michael gently holds Princess' mouth closed while the vet injects her
After the injection, Princess broke loose and ran around in circles...
... and peered out at the vet from behind the chair 

Today Princess' appetite has picked up a little and she asks to go in to cuddle and suckle the pups. As the vet said (who could be a pediatrician  in South Africa!), between their solid meals and mama Princess, things will soon balance out.

So all that remains for me to say is:
 Princess' Pups,
 Happy First Month Birthday!


  1. Poor Princess ! No animal likes the vet ! The puppies look really great !

  2. Happy 1st month birthday to all the pups.. Glad they had a good check up with the Vet and Princess is doing well too. Adorable photos.. Thanks for sharing the update..

  3. Aw - they are lovely. I hope Princess does put her weight back on soon. Nursing dogs and cats always seem to go through this time when they need 'extra' nutrients and vitamins to help them along.We see the same thing here with cats that we have fostered for our shelter.

  4. What will happen with the pups? Do you have to find homes for them?

  5. I am singing happy birthday through a great big grin... they are so sweet, in the pic of the vet leaning down that puppy looks like he is hugging and kissing his sister/brother. how many girls are there? great story, glad the vet came around to help... their sharp teeth hurt when they suckle..

  6. I love the kiss!

  7. glad you got her wormed! yay for happy, healthy mom and pups!

  8. Little pooches:) Hope they all find wonderful homes!

  9. Precious pups they are indeed! Love the pics you share with us! Hope all of you have a great weekend!

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  11. They really are rolly polly healthy looking pups. Glad Princess got a boost.


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